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Artillery Tower Instructions

Artillery Tower is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to reload, the Z key is used to call in airstrikes, the 1 - 7 number keys are used to switch weapons, and the P key may be used to pause the game.

Artillery Tower Walkthrough

Artillery Tower is a stickman game featuring shooting game and defense game elements. This stick game features cartoonish, well-animated graphics, simple, but challenging gameplay, and numerous upgrades.

The goal of Artillery Tower is to defend your tower and to survive for as long as you can. In order to accomplish this task, you must employ an arsenal of seven weapons as well as call in airstrikes when necessary to defeat your foes. You must deal with your enemies quickly before they can damage your tower. If your health reaches zero, the game will be over for you.

Artillery Tower features a diverse arsenal of seven weapons. You begin with the humble pistol, but you will be allowed to upgrade weapons between each wave of this stickman game. You may also buy airstrikes, or repairs for your tower. I advise you to buy health for your tower whenever you dip below 200 health. As far as weapons go, the dual pistol is about all that you will need in the initial levels. This weapon behaves like a miniature version of the shotgun, and will be good enough to deal with your adversaries in the beginning of this stickman game. I would also avoid buying the Uzi, because it is weak and rather inaccurate. The sniper rifle is not an absolute necessity, but it is a decent weapon with high accuracy and striking power. If you can avoid buying the Uzi and sniper rifle, however, you can use this money to buy the venerable shotgun!

Artillery Tower also features occasional powerups that will parachute from the top of the screen. If you can shoot the powerup (the crate, not the parachute) before it reaches the ground, you will be rewarded. Powerups in this stickman game include additional health, money, and airstrikes. I advise you to only use airstrikes that you get powerups for. Avoid buying them in the store, as your money would be better used buying more health, or saving towards a better weapon. Airstrikes can be helpful, but they are not really worth the price in this stickman game.

As you progress through Artillery Tower, the enemies will become more plentiful and more powerful. If you keep a cool head and keep these tips in mind, however, you will go far in this stickman game! The first tip is to get the shotgun as soon as possible. The shotgun is a very powerful weapon that can deal damage to groups of enemies at long range, and packs a powerful punch against larger targets at close range.

Another tip that can help you in this stickman game is to always keep a spare weapon. You'll want to buy the shotgun as soon as possible, but you should also have another weapon, such as the sniper rifle or dual pistol, which you can fall back on. You are given unlimited ammunition in Artillery Tower, but you must reload when your magazine is empty. It is quicker to draw a loaded secondary weapon than it is to reload the weapon that you are currently using. These precious seconds may mean life or death!

A final thing to keep in mind while playing Artillery Tower is the priority of enemies. Most enemies will only be able to attack your tower when they are close, but some enemies employ ranged attacks. A good targeting priority is to take down ranged enemies first, followed by melee enemies that are close to your tower, followed by melee enemies that are far away from your tower. In the case of a boss enemy approaching, however, you may want to take them down first! You'll be able to spot a boss because they are much larger than other enemies and have a skull next to them.

Artillery Tower is a fun and addicting stickman game. If you are a fan of defense games or shooting games featuring great animation, upgrades, and a variety of weapons, then you will love Artillery Tower!