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Bowman Instructions

Click left mouse button to draw bow. Control height and distance of the shot with by pulling back with the mouse while holding the left mouse button down. Shoot by releasing mouse button.

Bowman Walkthrough

Bowman is definitely a challenging game and it takes a little time to get used to. Play a few practice rounds too get a feel for the controls before you play versus the computer or versus a friend. Even the practice levels are challenging as you can't actually see the target when you begin playing. You more or less have to rely on your memory and hope for the best.

This target shooting game is one of the more difficult stick man games because of the need for you to rely on your memory. Even so, there are advantages. The distance and strength of your aim is displayed very precisely, so with a little bit of trail and error, and a little bit of memory, you can generally hit the target again and again if you simply remember the height and strength of your first successful aim. That is likely what makes this game most addictive. You are able to see exactly how close you get to hitting your target and can adjust the height and strength accordingly. It will take a few, or a few dozen tries, but with practice and patience you will get it.

Once you've gone through a few practice runs and are hitting the target consistently, you may feel like you've done everything you can do with the game. Not so! Go back to the game's main menu and choose 'settings'. Here you will find a few new and interesting ways to challenge yourself. Try adding a wall to give you an obstacle between your bowman and your target. You can also add wind to add an additional level of difficulty. When you've done all you can to do in practice, you can challenge a friend. Keep in mind, your friend will actually have to be present in order for them to play. You aren't able to challenge them to multi-player online action. Take turns at your computer pummeling each other with arrows and see who's left standing at the end. This is a fun option with lots of blood when you hit your opponent. Of course, if you don't have a friend present you can also choose to play as your own friend or play against the computer. In this game, the computer isn't automatically better than you so you actually have a chance of winning.

Overall, Bowman is a fun, challenging and unique game that is perfect for a time waster or as a move involved challenge. There is only one level, but the game provides enough challenge and enough options to keep you entertained and keep you playing.