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Bowman 2 Instructions

Click left mouse button anywhere in game window. Drag mouse back to adjust the strength and angle of your shot. To shoot, release the left mouse button.

Bowman 2 Walkthrough

The second release in the Bowman series, Bowman 2, makes several improvements over its predecessor but doesn't lose the challenge that made the first so addictive. You still can't see your target, but you have slightly more control over your angle and distance. The biggest tip I can offer is to make sure you can see the numbers for both the angle and the distance in the window when you click to draw your bow. This allows you to have much greater control over your shot and helps you make adjustments to have a better chance at hitting your target the second time. You will still need to take several practice shots, but the practice game can be just as much fun as the game itself.

My favorite improvement that Bowman 2 offers over Bowman has little to do with the game play itself. The addition of a main menu link is a great feature. In the original, you would often need to refresh the page to get back to the main menu, but in this incarnation, you simply need to click the link. This makes choosing challenges for the practice level or choosing another mode of game play much quicker and much more convenient. They have also added an onscreen instructions guide that was sadly missing from the first game. This explains some of the adjustable features more in detail although fans of the first game already know most of the information. It is great for a beginner who has yet to play the first.

Bowman 2 offers the option to add a wall, add wind and adjust vitality under the settings menu as the first did but it also adds the 'critical hit' option. This is a great feature for playing against an opponent as it doubles the damage done if the shot angle is greater than 45 degrees. The versus human and versus computer levels are much the same as the first, but the bird hunting level is a fun addition. It's definitely challenging, but if you line up your shot and wait for a bird to fly into it, you can hit one every time.

Bowman 2 is great for anyone looking for a fun bow and arrow game. Fans of the original Bowman will enjoy the new additions while newcomers will appreciate the onscreen instructions to help guide them through the basics of the game that the first incarnation didn't offer.