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An action-packed and zombie-shooting stick figure game (which is kind of odd since the title is Boxhead) where you need a lot of keyboard action - this is Boxhead! The controls are quite easy to pick up. With a little bit of practice, shooting down zombies from all directions and leading the refugees and civilians should become second nature to you. Just use your keyboard's arrow or cursor keys for basic movement. To fire away and blast that zombie's head off, just hit the space bar button. And lastly, to switch between weapons, just use the number keys 1 to 4. That's it for the controls. Onto the game!

Boxhead Walkthrough

Zombie and stick figure games / genre have been known for being bloody, action-packed, and fast paced. When you combine these 2, things could get only better! And this is what Boxhead is all about. A combination of the best elements from both game genres, the goal of this game is pretty straightforward: you need to escort as many civilians as possible to the evacuation or rendezvous point. This is located at the lower and left hand corner of the map. HOWEVER, getting there is not easy at all. With zombies coming at you from left, right, and center, you better be prepared to pull the trigger!

You are not alone in this battle against the undead. There's a host of weapons you can lay your hands on. You will start off with the game with your tried and tested pistol, which doesn't run out of shells. Unfortunately, this weapon isn't the best around. It would take 4 shots to take out a zombie... and when you are being surrounded, this isn't really helpful.

BUT then, there's the Uzi, shot gun, and grenades. The Uzi is a semi-automatic machine gun that spits out bullets in rapid fire fashion. While it would take 3 shots to take out a zombie using an Uzi, its speedy rate of fire is enough to compensate. The shot gun, on the other hand, is earned at level 4. While not as fast as the Uzi in the 'rate of fire' department, this sure is devastating. One clean hit is all it takes for the shot gun to send the undead to the ground. And last, BUT definitely not the least, you have the grenade. Earned at level 6, this does a good job of dealing massive damage in a wide area. HOWEVER, you should make sure that your targets are not too far away from the blast.

OK, now that we are done with the weapons, let's take a closer look at some tips and tricks that would help you get those 'damsel in distress' civilians to safety:

- The civilians are usually found camping near the starting point, which is marked on your mini map. You don't have to loiter too far to find them.

- As for exploring the eastern part of the map, there's really no point in doing so. You see, most of the civilians and ammunition crates (along with other bonuses) are found on the other places in the map.

- With the eastern route discounted, that leaves you with 3 routes to go for. There's really no game breaking difference between these 3 routes. What you have to do, though is choose the one that has the fewest zombies. Which route is that? That's for me to know and for you to find out.

- As for the civilians following your lead, they are quite good at it. HOWEVER, when a zombie gets near them, they scamper away and you need to find them again. With that in mind, it's in your best interests to keep the path clear of zombies. Keep the civilians calm and you will lead them to the evacuation point easily.

- I know you are playing this zombie / stickman game to let the gunslinger in you loose. BUT please, don't shoot down civilians when you can help it. They take as much damage as the zombies do. When you accidentally kill one, or if a zombie got close enough and killed one, they will soon respawn near the starting point. BUT don't go back. It's best to take the rest of the pack to safety before going back to those who have gone astray.

- Grenades, as I have mentioned, they are excellent for killing multiple zombies. The hard part, however, is aiming it. It's just difficult. If you want to use it, my advice is to practice your judgment... see the distance from which you need to throw your explosives. If that doesn't work, then draw out the shot gun and turn your enemies to zombie burgers.

Oh! And one last tip: try not to die. All it takes is one hit from a zombie to kill you. While you can start where you left off, you will lose all of your stats. Here's a trick: these zombies, while they have a nasty and powerful whack, are pretty slow. Just keep your distance and use your superior fire power and you should be OK.