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Boxhead 2Play Rooms Instructions

The control scheme for Boxhead 2 Play Rooms is very similar to the previous installments of the game. For basic movement, all you need to use are your arrow or cursor keys. HOWEVER, since this game has a multiplayer option, the second player can use the W, A, S, and D keys on the same keyboard / computer for basic movement. Shooting down enemies on the single player mode is as easy as hitting the space bar button. As for the multiplayer mode, shooting down is done with the "/" key for the first player and space bar for the second player. With multiple weapons at your disposal, you want to cycle through them and pick out the most effective one for the situation. To do just that in the single player mode, just use the number keys 0 to 9 (the ones on top of the letter keys). For multiplayer, it's the "." for the first player and Q and E keys for the second player. OK, I think that's about it for the controls. Onto the game!

Boxhead 2Play Rooms Walkthrough

YES, the Boxhead series is back and it now has MORE rooms for you to play on. This time around, there are no civilians to be saved. It's a battle between you and the zombies together with other creatures from the deep. The objective of the game is very straightforward: it's either you kill or get killed... there's nothing in between. Apparently, this is one of those stick figure games where diplomacy is considered a waste of time. After all, being diplomatic is all about being nice until you find a rock to throw... BUT zombies don't have time for such time-wasters!

You need to collect as many weapons and power ups along the way. This will help you cope up with the swarm of zombies and box devils. Oh! And do you see that multiplier? Keep that up all the time. Do that and you will unlock more and more better-looking and far more destructive weapons. By the way, that kill combo / multiplier will increase by one for every kill. HOWEVER, it doesn't stay there. As time passes, it will go back down by one. The higher your multiplier or combo is, the faster it decreases. BUT with the amount of zombies you are facing, finding someone to kill shouldn't be a problem!

Is this your first time playing Boxhead 2 Play Rooms? Yeah? Then you shouldn't be without the following tips and tricks:

Tip 1: Your first name is upgrade, your second name is upgrade, and your third name is upgrade. While your enemies don't get better overtime, you can bet that there will be more and more of them as you progress. In no time, that pistol of yours will be pretty much useless except for buying you some time as you run away and try to pick up ammunition crates. You need rapid firing Uzis, grenades, shotguns, and more! Keep that multiplier up soldier.

Tip 2: Whenever you see a box devil, don't hesitate to shoot. Kill them as soon as possible. Unlike their minions and zombies, these box devils are deadlier and faster. They throw energy and fireballs that will toast you and knock you back. And once they get going, they hardly ever stop. HOWEVER, the box devils have one weakness: they cannot fire energy balls while you are shooting them! So grab that rapid firing Uzi and give them the bullet-shower they badly need.

Tip 3: You can play the game on single player. BUT why keep the fun to yourself? Grab a friend, let him sit beside you, and play on Cooperative mode. Not only it's much more fun when you have a buddy shooting side by side or back to back with you. It also doubles your firepower... allowing you to take down zombies in half the time.

Tip 4: Explosives - you either destroy with them or get destroyed with them. You see, these weapons of mass destruction can be your greatest enemy or mortal foe. Unlike in the previous versions of Boxhead, the latest installment of this stick man game has friendly-fire enabled. That means you can't get too excited with that rocket launcher or grenade. The splash or AOE damage can hurt you just as much as they would hurt your enemies. When used by the right hands, however, they are just plain powerful!

Kill or get killed - this is your motto in Boxhead 2 Play Rooms. With the zombies back together with their masters, the Boxhead Devils, things are going to be 2 times as action-packed and much more explosive in this popular box / stick figure game!