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Boxhead: More Rooms Instructions

There's nothing new about the controls of this stickman game Boxhead: More Rooms. The basic movement pretty much stays the same: you need to use your keyboard's cursor or arrow keys. When your character is facing on the direction or angle you like, just hit the space bar button to shoot down enemies and zombies. For changing and cycling through weapons and explosives, just use the number keys 0 to 9. Alright soldier, we are done with the controls. Onto the game!

Boxhead: More Rooms Walkthrough

Boxhead: More Rooms - YES, folks. The box / zombie / stick figure game that we all came to love is back with a vengeance! As the name suggests, Boxhead is back with more rooms, more zombies, and greater challenges that will test your zombie shooting skills to the max. Nah, there are no civilians or Boxville residents to rescue and take to the evacuation point. There's no running away this time around. You need to face the zombies and box devils.

The objective is simple and straightforward: you kill the zombies and survive or you get killed. With 8 different rooms to choose from, there's a myriad of ways to kill zombies with the weapons you have... BUT the ways you can get cornered, swarmed, and killed are just as varied: (1) There's the boxy room which is constricted and the enemies will come from 2 small paths in the room. (2) The buttons - this one is has a little more room and has more hiding spots than the boxy room. (3) Mazey, on the other hand, puts you on a labyrinth-like room with zombies coming from all directions. (4) Gladiator places you in a wide open space - no hiding places, no corners, just you and the flesh eating zombies.

Strip, tight, columns, and castle are the other 4 rooms available in this installment of Boxhead. I'm yet to try out those rooms. My favorite among them all is the Mazey and Gladiator room. The game is all about scoring as much as you can... earning enough points so your name can enter the global score boards. If you are wondering how exactly to do that, here's a quick walkthrough.

- First off, pick the Expert or Nightmare difficulty level. Next, pick either Gladiator or Mazey. While I like both rooms, I prefer Mazey. This means non-stop action, which unleashes zombies from all four directions... and you really have to make a fight for it!

- You need to stand your guard at the first corner. Don't hesitate to grow grenades to the zombies that are coming at you. Once the coast is clear, you will see a lot of red boxes that contain weapons and ammunition. Pick them up and beef up your arsenal of weapons. By the way, as for the weapon and ammunition crates that are present when the game started, don't pick them up just yet. Unlike those drops from the zombies, they don't disappear. You can always go back for them when you run out of weapons and ammo.

- After finishing the zombies on the first corner, there's another bunch from the other side. Turn around the use your shot gun to demolish them. The box devil will come up. Pummel him first as you go around and confuse him.

- There will be one zombie left. BUT don't dispose him yet. Instead, lead him to another side and quickly lock him up with fake walls. Why shouldn't you kill him right away? Simple - the next round of zombies won't start until you kill the very last one. This gives you ample time to plant your barrels, fake walls, mines, charge packs, and other explosives.

The charge pack lets you detonate barrels from afar... allowing you to kill zombies in bunches. Just keep this tactic in mind, rinse and repeat it. You should see your name in the high scores in no time.

BUT hey, don't just stick with the mazey room. The other rooms in this stick figure game are very interesting and exciting, too. Although, I would say that entering some of the rooms like the Gladiator is just plain suicide. Have fun killing zombies and red box devils in Boxhead: More Rooms!