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Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Instructions

If you have played stickman games before, or if you have played the original game of the same name, the controls of Boxhead: The Zombie Wars should be easy for you to pick up. Just use your keyboard's arrow or cursor keys for basic movement. Press the space bar button for shooting down your enemies. And last BUT not the least, cycle through different weapons using the number keys. With a little practice, you should get used to it even if most of us are usually use the mouse and the left click button for shooting. Onto the game!

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Walkthrough

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - judging from the game's name, the premise is quite self-explanatory. You are at war... not with humans BUT with the zombies. And this time, they are not alone. They decided to bring along their evil buddies to take you out. YES folks, zombies, just like humans, are sociable as well. Faster moving zombies, vampires that teleport, golems, and devils from the underworld - all of these guys and more have decided to join the party.

And what do you have in your arsenal to show for it? It's just you. BUT with the weapons you have at your disposal, you will bring a lot of fireworks in this party! You still have your tried and tested pistol with you. The grenades, shot gun, and Uzis are all back, and they are joined by rocket launchers and nuclear-based air strikes... weapons of mass destruction. It's going to be one big war.

The primary goal in the game is as simple as it could get: you need to stay alive for as long as possible. HOWEVER, lasting as long as you could in face of a huge horde of creatures from the deep is not as straightforward. There are many ways to go about it. You can go for the offensive by planting traps for zombies such as exploding barrels. On the other hand, if you are the camper sort-of-gamer, you can take the defensive approach. You can install rocket launching turrets and have a complete base jam packed with defenses. Wait for them to come and impale themselves on your weapons!

The defensive style is not better than the offensive strategy, and vice versa. What I really like about this game is that it has a lot of room for adapting your own style in getting rid of those zombies, vampires, golems, and other creatures. There are 8 playing fields to choose from. Four of them are much more inclined for a more defensive stance, while the other four inclines on the offensive side. Now, let me remind you something: when you pick those levels where the defenses are already built for you, you will start at a higher level in the game... and that means zombies and their friends would pounce on you and your base even harder.

Another thing I would like to point out in this game is the upgrade system, which is quite innovative in my opinion. Unlocking weapons and skills in stickman games usually come with experience and level gains, BUT not in this game fellas. Your combos are all that counts when unlocking new weapons in your arsenal. The higher your kill combo gets, the more weapons you unlock. Things start out pretty simple, kill zombies and have a 5 Kill combo and you get a brand spanking new shot gun. HOWEVER, weapons as sophisticated and destructive as the nuclear strike would take a kill combo of 500 to be unlocked.

Your kill combo, by the way, is displayed at the top right section of the screen. You will notice that the numbers slowly fade, and each time it does, your combo will decrease by one. Another thing to keep in mind is the higher your kill combo is, the faster the numbers will fade. Make sure you are killing faster than decreasing to keep it up for as long as possible. BUT this shouldn't be a problem for 2 reasons: (1) Zombies and other creatures will keep coming at you. You won't run out of enemies to kill. (2) Explosives don't hurt you. There's no friendly fire in this game. Don't be afraid to light them up with grenades. You can even use yourself as bait, lure them into a bunch of explosive barrels, and see them get toast. That's a good way to keep your kill combo up.

Summing things up, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars comes with enough variety to keep fans of action and stick figure games entertained for long hours. Even if killing and shooting zombies isn't your cup of tea, the game still has a lot to offer that is worth exploring. Now, if cartoon violence and blood turns your stomach upside down, you may want to find something else to play. BUT if you are cool with that, then dig in!