Action Games

Ever wondered how a stick figure or stick man fights his way through dozens and dozens of enemies? Want to see stick men do something stupid like fall endlessly? What about pitting 2 armies of stick men against each other and seeing who dominates?

Sounds fun? If that's the case, you will love this action packed section of Action games on their own are fun to play. Nah, better yet, they are REALLY addictive. You can easily find yourself spending hours just to play your favorite action games. BUT when you throw stick figures together with action games, it's a whole new level - a whole new level of fun, excitement, stunts, and everything else in between.

As long as it's action packed - whether it's a side scrolling fighting game you are looking for, turn based strategy action game (very much like Gunbound), or even something as mindless BUT fun like falling forever and scoring as high as possible in the process, you are guaranteed to find it here.

Check out our top stick figure action games below. These games are the cream of the crop and will inject you with PURE doses of action and stick figure fun for the hours to come.

Beware: stick figure action games are addictive!

Top Action Games

Play Free Rider 2

#1: Free Rider 2


I will admit, I just didn't get the appeal of Free Rider 2 in the beginning. I had my little stick figure in the center of the game screen waiting for me to tell him what to do and...

Number of plays: 405,371

Play Hanger

#2: Hanger


Hanger is one of the simplest yet most unique stick figure game online; challenging you to use your brain to time your moves well as you attempt to get your stick figure from the beginning to the exit in one...

Number of plays: 358,300

Play Shopping Cart Hero 2

#3: Shopping Cart Hero 2


Shopping Cart Hero is back with the next excellent installment in the ultimate stickman game series Shopping Cart Hero 2. Everything stick game fans loved about the first game is present in the second with several improvements making this not...

Number of plays: 338,250

Play N Game

#4: N Game


N Game is a challenging Ninja based stickman game which finds you seeking gold and trying to maneuver around obstacles to reach the next level. In the game you are a highly skilled, agile Ninja with unstoppable speed and...

Number of plays: 160,507

Play Stick Trampoline

#5: Stick Trampoline


Stick Trampoline is a unique little stick figure game that is just as addictive as it is fun. In this game, the object is to make it through the challenges without killing your stick figure in the process. Although...

Number of plays: 155,824

Play Bowman

#6: Bowman


Bowman is definitely a challenging game and it takes a little time to get used to. Play a few practice rounds too get a feel for the controls before you play versus the computer or versus a friend. Even...

Number of plays: 153,272

Play Bowman 2

#7: Bowman 2


The second release in the Bowman series, Bowman 2, makes several improvements over its predecessor but doesn't lose the challenge that made the first so addictive. You still can't see your target, but you have slightly more control over...

Number of plays: 152,362

Play Potty Racers 3

#8: Potty Racers 3


Stick man, stick, or stick figure games (whatever you want to call them) - they are some of the MOST interesting games around...sometimes too violent, sometimes morbid, sometimes disgusting, BUT always FUN. Potty Racers 3 is NOT an exception. If...

Number of plays: 147,177

Play Stick Bang

#9: Stick Bang


If you loved the massive and multiplayer online game Gunbound, then you will surely love Stick Bang! PLUS the background music, which is from Aqua's Cartoon Heroes, makes the game all the more fun and exciting to play. Here's the story:...

Number of plays: 146,375

Play Running Free

#10: Running Free


Staying true to its name, Running Free is about, well, running free! BUT mind you, that is NOT as simple as it sounds. Spend less time and as much as possible, don't do die along the way (which is quite...

Number of plays: 127,785

Play Effing Worms

#11: Effing Worms


Effing Worms is without a doubt one of the most unusual stick figure games online. Although it is based on another similar game called Death Worm, most fans of stick figure games will find this one undeniably unique. This game...

Number of plays: 125,819

Play Potty Racers

#12: Potty Racers


Although the game takes a while to load, it is well worth it. The commercial ahead of the game is generally topical and interesting and the game is a blast! The graphics are great for a stick man game...

Number of plays: 99,993

Play Destrocity

#13: Destrocity


Are you a fan of stick figure games? Destrocity is an action game where you play as a stickman giant on a destructive rampage through a city. Featuring superb graphics and animations, pulse-pounding music and sound effects, three modes of...

Number of plays: 93,394

Play Hanger 2

#14: Hanger 2


Hanger 2 is the sequel to the ragdoll game, Hanger. Hanger 2 features improved graphics, 8-bit-style music, twenty-three new levels, and twelve achievements. The objective of Hanger 2 is to make it past the finish line in each level. In order...

Number of plays: 91,917

Play City Jumper

#15: City Jumper


In City Jumper you find yourself running through the city just trying to make it to the other side alive. On the way you need to jump over building both big and small, bridges, sky scrapers and even bums...

Number of plays: 69,640

Play Stick Figure Badminton

#16: Stick Figure Badminton


Stick Figure Badminton is a fun and challenging alternative to the traditional stickman killing games that populate this genre. You have to options for game play. Advanced, where you play as an actual stick person or Fun, where you...

Number of plays: 69,619

Play Shopping Cart Hero

#17: Shopping Cart Hero


Shopping Cart Hero is without a doubt one of the best stick games online simply because it offers a basic premise, easy to use controls but a rather difficult challenge. Add to that the great upgrades and cute but simple...

Number of plays: 68,978

Play Falling Forever

#18: Falling Forever


In Falling Forever, you will be, well, falling forever! What an apt name. So what are you to do? Your job is to delay your doom by jumping from one bubble to another. The longer you last in the game...

Number of plays: 66,675

Play Modern Medieval 2

#19: Modern Medieval 2


Modern Medieval 2 is a fairly basic stick figure war game that focuses on the fun of killing little stickmen enemies instead of flashy graphics and complicated story lines. Simply put, you are the little blue stickman and you...

Number of plays: 60,128

Play Tortur-o-matic

#20: Tortur-o-matic


Have you ever been told off by your boss at the office to the point that you just want to shrink? Perhaps you had a really bad day at school? We all had those bad... not fun days where our...

Number of plays: 55,099

Play Ragdoll Invaders

#21: Ragdoll Invaders


Ragdoll Invaders is a shooter game that puts put in control of a ragdoll fighting to save Earth from alien invasion. Ragdoll Invaders features a hard-pumping soundtrack, a variety of enemies, and extremely challenging gameplay. The objective of Ragdoll Invaders is...

Number of plays: 46,542

Play Shoot'm

#22: Shoot'm


What if you could take a stick figure that could just stand there and take whatever beating you have to give it? Yeah, it won't nag or fight back when you make it eat your fists. While it will dodge...

Number of plays: 44,876

Play Line Rider

#23: Line Rider


Technically a webtoy (which was released initially at deviant Art), this stick man game Line Rider is strangely compelling and unique. It's of little wonder a bunch of webtoy and stick figure game fans can't stop talking about it during...

Number of plays: 43,674

Play The Flood Runner 2

#24: The Flood Runner 2


The Flood Runner 2 is a stick figure game with very simple controls. This running game features cute, simplistic graphics, minimal audio, and challenging gameplay. The Flood Runner 2 is the completed version of the prototype game The Flood Runner,...

Number of plays: 42,119

Play Ragdoll Avalanche 2

#25: Ragdoll Avalanche 2


Ragdoll Avalanche 2 is the sequel to Ragdoll Avalanche. Ragdoll Avalanche 2 does not offer much difference in gameplay or graphics, but this iteration of the ragdoll game has smoother controls and includes catchy background music. The objective of Ragdoll Avalanche...

Number of plays: 37,964

Play Free Ball

#26: Free Ball


Free Ball is a ragdoll game with infinite gameplay. Free Ball features stick figure graphics, neat particle effects, and simple controls. The objective of Free Ball is to keep the green ball in the air as long as possible while avoiding...

Number of plays: 37,421

Play Running Ink

#27: Running Ink


Running Ink is a stickman game with simple graphics, but amazing gameplay. Running Ink also features simple controls, a breathtaking soundtrack, and eighteen levels. The objective of Running Ink is to make it to the goal in each level within three...

Number of plays: 37,193

Play Level Editor 2

#28: Level Editor 2


Level Editor 2 is the sequel to the stickman game, Level Editor: The Game (also known simply as Level Editor). This platform game features new block types, thirty-five new levels, and eight achievements! Like its predecessor, the objective of Level Editor...

Number of plays: 34,128

Play Exit Path

#29: Exit Path


If you are looking for stick figure games that offer screens full of spikes, lasers, as well as eye popping acrobatics, Exit Path is an exciting game that you should check out! John (known as jmtb02 in gaming circles) has...

Number of plays: 33,663

Play Free Rider

#30: Free Rider


Some folks love stick figure games along with all of the bizarre and unique things they offer. Others love drawing games, especially the ability to do just about anything with your mouse. And there are some who would dig in...

Number of plays: 33,257

Play Ragdoll Parashooter

#31: Ragdoll Parashooter


So you love classic games, especially those from the 80's? If you do, I'm sure you have encountered the game called Sabotage, which first came out for Apple II. This game prepared the road for A LOT of paratrooper style...

Number of plays: 32,094

Play The Gauntlet

#32: The Gauntlet


The game starts off with quite a strange menu screen. The characters / letters is somewhat reminiscent of the Predator's inscriptions (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover, remember?). HOWEVER, when you hover your mouse over them, they turn into perfectly human-readable writings....

Number of plays: 30,670

Play Stick Mini Games

#33: Stick Mini Games


We all have our share of boring moments. Some of us may find that pile of office documents and paper work sucking the life out of them. Maybe talking to irate and irrational customers day in and day out has...

Number of plays: 30,386

Play Potty Racers 2

#34: Potty Racers 2


Stick figure games are interesting. PERIOD. And Potty Racers 2 is no exception. In this stick figure game, you are in charge of a plane (well, initially, it doesn't look like it) and your goal is to get it to...

Number of plays: 29,541

Play Rapid Fire

#35: Rapid Fire


Rapid Fire - personally, this has to be one of the most... how am I supposed to put this? Let's say primitive, primitive and straightforward titles I have encountered. For a stick figure / stick man game, this title doesn't...

Number of plays: 29,189

Play Artillery Tower

#36: Artillery Tower


Artillery Tower is a stickman game featuring shooting game and defense game elements. This stick game features cartoonish, well-animated graphics, simple, but challenging gameplay, and numerous upgrades. The goal of Artillery Tower is to defend your tower and to survive for...

Number of plays: 28,925

Play Checkpoint

#37: Checkpoint


A quick firing arcade and stick man game - this is Checkpoint. The game play and its flow is quite odd BUT, nevertheless, fun. You need to avoid all of those things that would kill you, BUT at the same...

Number of plays: 28,447

Play Double Wires

#38: Double Wires


Double Wires is a simple stick figure game. This ragdoll stickman game features simple graphics and controls, and very challenging gameplay. The goal of Double Wires is to travel as far as you can, swinging from object to object by using...

Number of plays: 28,137

Play Level Editor: The Game

#39: Level Editor: The Game


Level Editor: The Game is a stick figure game based on level editors found in platform games. This stickman game features smooth graphics, a country-western soundtrack, simple controls, innovative gameplay, and forty levels, categorized into four sets of ten based...

Number of plays: 20,471

Play Madness Hydraulic

#40: Madness Hydraulic


This is indeed MADNESS! Madness Hydraulic is a cool and action-packed stick figure game that comes with just about anything you could ask for - nice graphics, action and explosion in large doses, fantastic sound effects, achievements / points, and...

Number of plays: 19,951

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