Adventure Games

We all love a good adventure... exploring uncharted territory and coming home with a discovery or two. BUT in this day and age where almost everything is discovered, how does one let out the adventure-loving spirit that he has?

Simple, log on to, check out the Adventure Games section, play one of the top 10 games, and enjoy. Rinse and repeat. YES, folks, the stick figure adventure games you will find here are so engaging and absorbing it's easy to find yourself sitting in front of the computer with your eyes glued on the monitor as you explore one level after the other.

Are you on the hunt for fast paced stick figure adventure games that have that 'Sonic The Hedgehog' touch? Are you addicted to adventure games that has all the nice elements of a block buster Sim's game? What about stick figure adventure games where you need to balance strategy, creative thinking, etc. To get to the next level? Well, if you are looking for an adventure done with the stick man way, this is the page to bookmark.

I could talk all day long about our top stick figure adventure games here, BUT why would I when playing it would be so much better? Play now and see what I'm talking about.

Top Adventure Games

Play Shopping Cart Hero 2

#1: Shopping Cart Hero 2


Shopping Cart Hero is back with the next excellent installment in the ultimate stickman game series Shopping Cart Hero 2. Everything stick game fans loved about the first game is present in the second with several improvements making this not...

Number of plays: 338,250

Play Fancy Pants Adventure 2

#2: Fancy Pants Adventure 2


Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is a blast. It's the sort of adorable, challenging game no one wants to admit they like but spend hours playing all the same. I don't think I can say enough good things about this...

Number of plays: 295,023

Play Potty Racers 3

#3: Potty Racers 3


Stick man, stick, or stick figure games (whatever you want to call them) - they are some of the MOST interesting games around...sometimes too violent, sometimes morbid, sometimes disgusting, BUT always FUN. Potty Racers 3 is NOT an exception. If...

Number of plays: 147,177

Play Stick RPG

#4: Stick RPG


Stick RPG is one of the most intriguing stick figure games on the internet; challenging you to throw everything you know out the window and look at things a little bit - or a lot - differently. The game starts...

Number of plays: 103,974

Play My Island RPG

#5: My Island RPG


So you are bored? Looking for a new game to play? Addicted to video games with a Sims-like playstyle? Yeah? If so, then My Island RPG is yours to play all day. Here's the scenario - you are living in...

Number of plays: 98,938

Play Destrocity

#6: Destrocity


Are you a fan of stick figure games? Destrocity is an action game where you play as a stickman giant on a destructive rampage through a city. Featuring superb graphics and animations, pulse-pounding music and sound effects, three modes of...

Number of plays: 93,393

Play Escaping The Prison

#7: Escaping The Prison


If you are used to stick figure games that are centered on shooting down fellow sticks, fighting, and bloody negotiations, this one before you is completely different! An adventure that is disguised as a room escape game, Escaping The Prison...

Number of plays: 85,760

Play Johnny Rocket Fingers

#8: Johnny Rocket Fingers


What is a 'sup guy'? More to the point, what is 'suppish'? Learn the answer to these pressing questions with Johnny Rocket Fingers, an entertaining stick game that puts you in the title role as one of the most suppish...

Number of plays: 85,146

Play Stealing the Diamond

#9: Stealing the Diamond


Bank Robbery can be FUN. You don't believe me? Well, I can't blame you... BUT that notion of yours will surely change after playing this stickman game! First off, you need to escape from your prison cell and pulling that...

Number of plays: 66,134

Play Alt Shift Lite

#10: Alt Shift Lite


Alt Shift Lite is the perfect combination of the strategy, brain teaser and stickman genres of games with challenging levels to test your logic and your patience. In this game, you can play as either a boy or a...

Number of plays: 36,217

Play Exit Path

#11: Exit Path


If you are looking for stick figure games that offer screens full of spikes, lasers, as well as eye popping acrobatics, Exit Path is an exciting game that you should check out! John (known as jmtb02 in gaming circles) has...

Number of plays: 33,663

Play Causality

#12: Causality


Causality is a stick game that is good for killing time, and killing a few stickmen as well! Causality is a short game, featuring only three levels, but each level offers a very strenuous challenge! The goal of causality is to...

Number of plays: 32,107

Play Serendipity in 2D

#13: Serendipity in 2D


Serendipity - this mystical force, sometimes called divine intervention, sure has a knack for making desirable discoveries by accident. Not to mention it makes Sri Lanka a little more mysterious since the place was once called Serendip. Anyway, I'm not...

Number of plays: 30,787

Play Creative Kill Chamber

#14: Creative Kill Chamber


Creative Kill Chamber, better known as CKC, is another stick figure game where your task is to escape death that comes in many and morbid forms. The generals decided to test their elite stick soldiers killing prowess, and you are...

Number of plays: 30,742

Play Potty Racers 2

#15: Potty Racers 2


Stick figure games are interesting. PERIOD. And Potty Racers 2 is no exception. In this stick figure game, you are in charge of a plane (well, initially, it doesn't look like it) and your goal is to get it to...

Number of plays: 29,541

Play Way of the Exploding Stick

#16: Way of the Exploding Stick


In the Way of the Exploding Stick, you are the exploding stick! What makes you so explosive in this stick figure game? Well, you are the only stick figure out there who has the knowledge of a dead martial art....

Number of plays: 25,028

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