Fighting Games

I don't know why BUT gamers of all ages (including me) LOVE seeing stick men fight against each other. I can play Xiao Xiao all day long and enjoy the sight of a lone stick figure fighting his way through dozens of other stick figures in his attempt to face off against the mob boss and take him out.

I mean think about - these stick figures can do almost anything. They can dodge bullets like Neo, they can fight off computer viruses using nothing but a cane, they can bamboozle dozens of enemy sticks like Bruce Lee, and when the need arises, they can obliterate the opposition with a ball of destructive energy like Son Goku of Dragon Ball! I guess that explains why almost everybody loves these simple looking BUT amazing guys.

And if you are someone who can't get enough of stick figures and fighting games, you are in for a treat. In this section of, you get to have the BEST of both worlds!

With our top stick figure fighting games, you are sure to stay. From the fun and colorful Choose Your Weapon series, amazing fighting scenes of Xiao Xiao, jaw dropping sword slashing skills of Kiro from Sift Renegades, this page has will keep your boring afternoons oozing with fighting action and stick fun!

Top Fighting Games

Play Stick Dude Killing Arena

#1: Stick Dude Killing Arena


Stick Dude Killing Arena starts with an ominous message in which you are referred to test subject, unless of course you would like to be called something else. There are three rules - test your knowledge against 'adversaries', perform...

Number of plays: 355,777

Play Territory War

#2: Territory War


Territory War is a great stick figure game that offers a multitude of options to keep the game interesting and fun. Some will find the first few campaigns a bit too easy, but the gradual increase in difficulty ensures...

Number of plays: 234,785

Play Electric Man 2

#3: Electric Man 2


Electric Man 2 is a great stick figure fighting game in which you face off against various types of enemies to become the most powerful stick figure being in the universe. Each level gets harder and harder as new...

Number of plays: 215,218

Play Choose Your Weapon 4

#4: Choose Your Weapon 4


Choose Your Weapon 4 - in this game, the computer virus is back and It's your job to eliminate it! Check out your armory and you would see 20 different weapons that you can pick. YES, you have read that...

Number of plays: 183,002

Play Thing Thing Arena 3

#5: Thing Thing Arena 3


Thing Thing Arena 3 is light years ahead of most of the other stick games online but with that in mind, it's almost much more complicated. Doing well in this game is going to require a lot of attention to...

Number of plays: 168,168

Play Choose Your Weapon 2

#6: Choose Your Weapon 2


Here's the story in Choose Your Weapon 2 - the virus has mutated and came up with a lot of wicked ways to wreak chaos and havoc. Viruses that teleport from one spot to another and is capable of firing...

Number of plays: 106,716

Play Chaos War 3

#7: Chaos War 3


Chaos War 3 is an excellent stickman fighting game that allows you to kill all sorts of stickmen enemies if you have the skill to take on the task. Lure enemies into an ambush, take them out one by...

Number of plays: 99,317

Play Choose Your Weapon

#8: Choose Your Weapon


Baseball heads, armored viruses, viruses beefed up with Kevlar armor, and those are just to name a few of the enemies you will encounter in Choose Your Weapon. What do you need to do? Well, the title of the game...

Number of plays: 76,064

Play Super Fighters Rampage

#9: Super Fighters Rampage


Super Fighters Rampage is the sequel to Fighters Rampage. This iteration of the stickman fighting game series features features nine selectable characters, improves graphics, and smoother gameplay. The objective of Super Fighters Rampage is the same as its forerunner: to defeat...

Number of plays: 74,302

Play Xiao Xiao 9

#10: Xiao Xiao 9


Xiao Xiao 9 is an excellent stickman fighting game that pits you against the evil purple stickmen. This game has everything you could ask for in a fighting game - lots of bad guys to fend off at varying...

Number of plays: 44,535

Play Choose Your Weapon 3

#11: Choose Your Weapon 3


Choose Your Weapon 3 lives up to its name. YES, choosing your weapon is very crucial in this game. There are 10 weapons all in all in this game - a scissor at the beginning of the game, a flame...

Number of plays: 41,388

Play Xiao Xiao 2

#12: Xiao Xiao 2


All you have to do in Xiao Xiao 2 is click the strength bar on the left side of the game screen when the bar is at the level of force you want to use to attack the pillar....

Number of plays: 39,359

Play Fighters Rampage

#13: Fighters Rampage


Fighters Rampage is a brutal fighting stickman game. This fighting game features smooth animations, six fighters to choose from, eighteen achievements, and a plethora a bone-crushing moves! The goal of Fighters Rampage is the same as any other fighting game: dominate...

Number of plays: 35,852

Play Thing Thing Arena 2

#14: Thing Thing Arena 2


If you loved Vinnie, Kiro, and Shorty of Sift Heads series, then you will go nuts with the Thing Thing series...especially one of their latest installments: Thing Thing Arena 2! The objective of the game pretty much stays the same:...

Number of plays: 33,993

Play Stretchyman

#15: Stretchyman


Having stretchy arms and legs isn't just amazing. It's not just weird or amazing to look at when your limbs extend a meter longer than it should. This stick figure game proves that it can be useful for self-defense too....

Number of plays: 33,487

Play Thing Thing Arena

#16: Thing Thing Arena


Stick figure games - I don't know BUT these games filled with stick men from left, right, and center appeal to gamers of all sorts and ages. If I'm not mistaken, stick figure games began as nothing more than video...

Number of plays: 33,186

Play Sift Renegade

#17: Sift Renegade


Sift Renegade showcases Vinnie's friend Kiro (once a member of the Yakuza) who became his buddy later on in the series. Kiro is a man on a mission seeking the truth and bent on seeking revenge. What I like about Sift...

Number of plays: 32,234

Play Rage 3

#18: Rage 3


Rage 3 is the third and final installment of the Rage series of stick figure games. This game retains the charm of the first two games, but adds improved graphics, smoother controls, and faster-paced gameplay. The objective of Rage 3 is...

Number of plays: 28,171

Play Sift Renegade 2

#19: Sift Renegade 2


If you loved Sift Renegade, then you will go crazy about Sift Renegade 2. This game starts off with a dialogue between the world famous Vinnie (YES, he has a cameo appearance here) and the protagonist Kiro (with his face...

Number of plays: 26,683

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