Killing Games

Alright, first things first, if you are easily offended by violence, if you are easily offended by seeing stick figures go for each others throat, or if you are easily offended by...well, just about anything, then this part of may NOT be for you.

HOWEVER, if you think blood being splattered all over the screen as you shred a stick figure is cool, if inflicting as much damage as you can over that skinny stick figure is a source of pleasure for you, then welcome aboard and and enjoy our host of top stick figure killing games!

As the name suggests, the objective of the games here is to...well, KILL those stick figures in sight! And to make things even better, you also get to kill them in style. So you want to play god and experience the rush of unleashing your wrath on these sinful stick figures? Want to release all of those tension and stress by killing a stick figure in the goriest and bloodiest way possible? Want to go berserk and just slit the throat and beat the crap out of all of the stick men in sight?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then what are you waiting for? Scroll down, check out a stick figure killing game, play and kill to your heart's delight.

Top Killing Games

Play Stick Dude Killing Arena

#1: Stick Dude Killing Arena


Stick Dude Killing Arena starts with an ominous message in which you are referred to test subject, unless of course you would like to be called something else. There are three rules - test your knowledge against 'adversaries', perform...

Number of plays: 355,982

Play God's Playing Field

#2: God's Playing Field


Have you ever wanted to unleash the wrath of God? Well with God's Playing Field that is exactly what you get to do. It's a pretty basic game. You goal is to take out as many 'enemies' as you...

Number of plays: 261,943

Play Stick Figure Penalty

#3: Stick Figure Penalty


Stick Figure Penalty isn't so much a game as it is a way to relieve a little tension by killing a stickman in the goriest possible ways. Basically, this is what happens. You open with a screen full of...

Number of plays: 161,811

Play Stair Fall

#4: Stair Fall


Stair Fall just may be your new favorite guilty pleasure. In this game, the goal is to inflict as much damage on your poor little stick figure as you possibly can as he falls down the stairs. You can...

Number of plays: 158,626

Play Tortur-o-matic 2

#5: Tortur-o-matic 2


With the population growing by the minute, how do you think governments will deal with it in the not-so-far future? Hmmm, I could only wonder. Well, the stick figure world, apparently, has a 'creative' way of dealing with unstoppable population...

Number of plays: 115,395

Play Maniac Killer

#6: Maniac Killer


Kill, kill, and kill - that's the objective of the game. BUT mind you fellas, this is far from being simple. You see, enemies are coming for you with everything they have. No, they won't just stand there like dummies...

Number of plays: 113,476

Play Bloody Day

#7: Bloody Day


Bloody Day is all about what a good stick figure game should be about - killing stick figures in the bloodiest, goriest ways possible. Sure all you have is guns, but play around with the different guns options you...

Number of plays: 86,500

Play Tortur-o-matic

#8: Tortur-o-matic


Have you ever been told off by your boss at the office to the point that you just want to shrink? Perhaps you had a really bad day at school? We all had those bad... not fun days where our...

Number of plays: 54,850

Play Creative Kill Chamber

#9: Creative Kill Chamber


Creative Kill Chamber, better known as CKC, is another stick figure game where your task is to escape death that comes in many and morbid forms. The generals decided to test their elite stick soldiers killing prowess, and you are...

Number of plays: 30,582

Play Madness Hydraulic

#10: Madness Hydraulic


This is indeed MADNESS! Madness Hydraulic is a cool and action-packed stick figure game that comes with just about anything you could ask for - nice graphics, action and explosion in large doses, fantastic sound effects, achievements / points, and...

Number of plays: 19,819

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