Shooting Games

Stick figure games - they come in all shapes and formats. HOWEVER, there's no denying it, the most exciting stick games out there are shooting games! When you combine the best of both worlds - action packed elements of shooting games and simplicity and fun of stick games, this page is what you get.

Whether you are looking for a side scrolling shooting game, stick figure first person shooters, stick men sniper games, something that's a little old fashioned where you use bows and arrows instead, and everything else in between, as long as it's about shooting and stick men, you will DEFINITELY find it here!

From the zombie killing wpnFire, the challenging Bowman series, Bloody Day (which is one of the goriest and bloodiest stick figure shooting games out there), and even modern classics and series like Sift Heads and Thing Thing, this section of will surely keep you on the edge of your seats.

Top Shooting Games

Play wpnFire

#1: wpnFire


wpnFire is an excellent stick figure game that offers all the fun of killing zombies, blowing things up and several different game modes to accomplish all of the above. If you prefer the arrow keys you can configure the...

Number of plays: 241,668

Play Territory War

#2: Territory War


Territory War is a great stick figure game that offers a multitude of options to keep the game interesting and fun. Some will find the first few campaigns a bit too easy, but the gradual increase in difficulty ensures...

Number of plays: 234,785

Play Thing Thing Arena 3

#3: Thing Thing Arena 3


Thing Thing Arena 3 is light years ahead of most of the other stick games online but with that in mind, it's almost much more complicated. Doing well in this game is going to require a lot of attention to...

Number of plays: 168,167

Play Bowman

#4: Bowman


Bowman is definitely a challenging game and it takes a little time to get used to. Play a few practice rounds too get a feel for the controls before you play versus the computer or versus a friend. Even...

Number of plays: 153,079

Play Bowman 2

#5: Bowman 2


The second release in the Bowman series, Bowman 2, makes several improvements over its predecessor but doesn't lose the challenge that made the first so addictive. You still can't see your target, but you have slightly more control over...

Number of plays: 152,193

Play Maniac Killer

#6: Maniac Killer


Kill, kill, and kill - that's the objective of the game. BUT mind you fellas, this is far from being simple. You see, enemies are coming for you with everything they have. No, they won't just stand there like dummies...

Number of plays: 113,386

Play Sift Heads 0

#7: Sift Heads 0


Sift Heads 0 - this is the starting point where Vinnie's quest to be the best sifter and bounty hunter started. In this game, your thinking skills and creative juices matter more than your aim. Well, your aim's precision still...

Number of plays: 101,256

Play Bloody Day

#8: Bloody Day


Bloody Day is all about what a good stick figure game should be about - killing stick figures in the bloodiest, goriest ways possible. Sure all you have is guns, but play around with the different guns options you...

Number of plays: 86,422

Play Sift Heads World - Act 1

#9: Sift Heads World - Act 1


In Sift Heads World - Act 1, Vinnie (the best head sifter and bounty hunter in the world) is now teamed up with Kiro (an assassin who sifts head with his Katana and shuriken) as well as the delicious Shorty....

Number of plays: 57,039

Play Cold Crime

#10: Cold Crime


Cold Crime - YES, that's what this game is all about. The Mayor of Backborn City was assasinated - shot by a sniper straight to head. A perfect kill. HOWEVER, a couple of police enforfers spotted the sniper and It's...

Number of plays: 49,071

Play Ragdoll Invaders

#11: Ragdoll Invaders


Ragdoll Invaders is a shooter game that puts put in control of a ragdoll fighting to save Earth from alien invasion. Ragdoll Invaders features a hard-pumping soundtrack, a variety of enemies, and extremely challenging gameplay. The objective of Ragdoll Invaders is...

Number of plays: 46,141

Play Sift Heads World - Act 4

#12: Sift Heads World - Act 4


Easily one of the best and most popular shooting and stick man game series around - this is Sift Heads! If in the previous installments, Vinnie takes the spotlight, this time around, the story revolves around Shorty. She goes all...

Number of plays: 45,516

Play Xiao Xiao 4

#13: Xiao Xiao 4


The Xiao Xiao series is a classic in both animated stickman movies and games and Xiao Xiao 4, the second game in the series shows why. This game is a fantastic first person shooter game that is not only...

Number of plays: 44,883

Play Sift Heads World - Ultimatum

#14: Sift Heads World - Ultimatum


Alright, being the most wanted bounty hunter is fun and action packed. There's no doubt about it. HOWEVER, it also has disadvantages! You see, the police are now breathing down your neck... and you need to help Vinnie, Kiro, and...

Number of plays: 44,734

Play Shoot'm

#15: Shoot'm


What if you could take a stick figure that could just stand there and take whatever beating you have to give it? Yeah, it won't nag or fight back when you make it eat your fists. While it will dodge...

Number of plays: 44,696

Play Sift Heads World - Act 3

#16: Sift Heads World - Act 3


In Sift Heads World Act 3, you will revisit Chicago along with the dark and somber areas ruled by an underground crime organization. BUT Alonzo just gave the team a hard blow - almost fatal. BUT Vinnie, Shorty, and Kiro...

Number of plays: 42,745

Play Sift Heads World - Act 2

#17: Sift Heads World - Act 2


In the second episode of Sift Heads World, the story takes you back to Chicago after Kiro, Shorty, and the famous Vinnie disposed the Italian Mafia in Palermo, Italy. HOWEVER, you are now taken to Tokyo, Japan to face a...

Number of plays: 39,042

Play Thing Thing 2

#18: Thing Thing 2


When it comes to stick figure games, only a handful like Sift Heads can rival the Thing Thing series. And right here, you have the second installment brought to you by Diseased Productions. Beefed up with improved graphics, game play...

Number of plays: 36,138

Play Sift Heads 5

#19: Sift Heads 5


In Sift Heads 5, Vinnie is back in town, doing what he does best. And that is sifting the heads of outlaws and criminals. BUT Vinnie has a problem. While he was on vacation, the Grey Mafia he just dispose...

Number of plays: 34,078

Play Thing Thing Arena 2

#20: Thing Thing Arena 2


If you loved Vinnie, Kiro, and Shorty of Sift Heads series, then you will go nuts with the Thing Thing series...especially one of their latest installments: Thing Thing Arena 2! The objective of the game pretty much stays the same:...

Number of plays: 33,993

Play Thing Thing Arena

#21: Thing Thing Arena


Stick figure games - I don't know BUT these games filled with stick men from left, right, and center appeal to gamers of all sorts and ages. If I'm not mistaken, stick figure games began as nothing more than video...

Number of plays: 33,186

Play Sift Heads 4

#22: Sift Heads 4


In Sift Heads 4, the streets of Chicago are now cleaned up - out of Mafias and criminals thanks to Vinnie's efforts. Unfortunately, Vinnie is NOT someone to take pleasure in just sitting on a couch and watch TV. So...

Number of plays: 32,022

Play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

#23: Boxhead: The Zombie Wars


Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - judging from the game's name, the premise is quite self-explanatory. You are at war... not with humans BUT with the zombies. And this time, they are not alone. They decided to bring along their evil...

Number of plays: 31,657

Play Ragdoll Parashooter

#24: Ragdoll Parashooter


So you love classic games, especially those from the 80's? If you do, I'm sure you have encountered the game called Sabotage, which first came out for Apple II. This game prepared the road for A LOT of paratrooper style...

Number of plays: 31,641

Play Sierra 7

#25: Sierra 7


Sierra 7 - if you are on the hunt for a REALLY action packed first person shooter, this game is one that you must check out. Putting you in the shoes of a special operative unit known as Sierra, the...

Number of plays: 31,131

Play Thing Thing

#26: Thing Thing


Ah! The original Thing Thing. This is the game that started it all. While the game is relatively short, it served not just as an excellent introduction to the whole Thing Thing Series BUT it also sets the standard for...

Number of plays: 30,007

Play Boxhead

#27: Boxhead


Zombie and stick figure games / genre have been known for being bloody, action-packed, and fast paced. When you combine these 2, things could get only better! And this is what Boxhead is all about. A combination of the best...

Number of plays: 29,514

Play Rapid Fire

#28: Rapid Fire


Rapid Fire - personally, this has to be one of the most... how am I supposed to put this? Let's say primitive, primitive and straightforward titles I have encountered. For a stick figure / stick man game, this title doesn't...

Number of plays: 28,762

Play Artillery Tower

#29: Artillery Tower


Artillery Tower is a stickman game featuring shooting game and defense game elements. This stick game features cartoonish, well-animated graphics, simple, but challenging gameplay, and numerous upgrades. The goal of Artillery Tower is to defend your tower and to survive for...

Number of plays: 28,638

Play Storm the House 3

#30: Storm the House 3


YES folks, Case Dollingswoth is in the house and has brought another installment to the Storm The House series. The latest game is without a doubt one of the best tower defense and stick figure games hybrid you can lay...

Number of plays: 28,441

Play Sift Heads World - Act 6

#31: Sift Heads World - Act 6


Here's the bad news in Sift Heads World - Act 6: your head quarters are destroyed! And Vinnie along with the rest of the gang needs to find the culprit and stop them for good. HOWEVER, another bad news: there's...

Number of plays: 27,389

Play Thing Thing 3

#32: Thing Thing 3


Boasting an even more fast paced action than the previous installments, Thing Thing 3 outdoes the previous and already great Thing Thing installments and other stick figure games out there. Part 3 also shows more of the story behind the...

Number of plays: 27,343

Play Sift Heads World - Act 5

#33: Sift Heads World - Act 5


In Sift Heads World - Act 5, the team goes into a safari excursion... exploring the depths of Amazonian Rain Forest in search for an expensive and exotic artifact. Sounds easy to handle especially when you are hunting with the...

Number of plays: 27,240

Play Storm the House

#34: Storm the House


Tower defense games - they suck you into their world where you need to build one defensive tower after the other, buy upgrades, get more weapons of mass destruction, etc. And you do all of these for one single aim:...

Number of plays: 26,176

Play Thing Thing 4

#35: Thing Thing 4


It took 2 years before the sequel to Thing Thing 3 is released and I'm sure players who have played Thing Thing 4 will agree that this installment is definitely worth the wait. True, Thing Thing 4 comes with the familiar...

Number of plays: 25,236

Play Sift Heads 3

#36: Sift Heads 3


Vinnie is back and hungry for revenge in Sift Heads 3, the third installment in the wildly successful Sift Heads stick game series. Vinnie's home has been destroyed and he is not happy about it at all. Armed with a...

Number of plays: 24,989

Play Sift Heads 2

#37: Sift Heads 2


In Sift Heads 2, the sequel to the popular stick game Sift Heads, Vinnie - everyone's favorite hired assassin - is back again, taking out his targets and earning a reputation. Although the name implies yet another sniper based stick...

Number of plays: 24,338

Play Mr. Vengeance: Act 1

#38: Mr. Vengeance: Act 1


I don't know about you BUT I really can't see how taking out the family of someone who goes by the name of Mr. Vengeance could end in a positive way. Think about it - with a name like that,...

Number of plays: 22,902

Play Storm the House 2

#39: Storm the House 2


Fans of Storm The House (the original game), the long wait is finally over. The guys behind it all have brought us Storm The House 2! Nothing much has changed in the game. The objective pretty much stays the same:...

Number of plays: 22,545

Play Madness Hydraulic

#40: Madness Hydraulic


This is indeed MADNESS! Madness Hydraulic is a cool and action-packed stick figure game that comes with just about anything you could ask for - nice graphics, action and explosion in large doses, fantastic sound effects, achievements / points, and...

Number of plays: 19,714

Play Boxhead 2Play Rooms

#41: Boxhead 2Play Rooms


YES, the Boxhead series is back and it now has MORE rooms for you to play on. This time around, there are no civilians to be saved. It's a battle between you and the zombies together with other creatures from...

Number of plays: 19,503

Play Boxhead: More Rooms

#42: Boxhead: More Rooms


Boxhead: More Rooms - YES, folks. The box / zombie / stick figure game that we all came to love is back with a vengeance! As the name suggests, Boxhead is back with more rooms, more zombies, and greater challenges...

Number of plays: 16,299

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