Sniping Games

Now keep your hands steady, aim for the head...ready? Yeah? Pull the trigger! Bang! And down goes the target.

I don't know about you BUT, for me, sniping games beat average first person shooting games 24 hours a day and seven days a week...and that's especially true when you are talking about stick man sniping games. It takes more than spamming that left click button and shooting everything in sight.

Stick sniping games require steady hands, precise aim, and has no room for hesitation once you have tracked down your target. And of course, let's not forget, ALWAYS read the mission details before proceeding. The last thing you want to happen is to take out someone you are not supposed to.

Whether you are looking for stick man sniping games with deep and engaging background stories, sniping games where you need to be careful and fast as you face off against fellow stick snipers, stick man sniper games where reading the details of your mission is the key, this section from has it all.

Why not check out our top stick figure sniping games? Bring out the sniper in you and take out that target!

Top Sniping Games

Play Sniper Assassin 4

#1: Sniper Assassin 4


Sniper Assassin 4 is a great stickman assassin game with a bit of a back story to go with it. Shawn (that's you) worked as a sniper until his wife was murdered by the mysterious Mr. J. Shawn retires...

Number of plays: 156,571

Play Tactical Assassin

#2: Tactical Assassin


Tactical Assassin is a great first person shooter stick figure game and definitely one of the best in the genre. Although there is no complicated story with an elaborate introduction, the game does provide a continuing narrative throughout each...

Number of plays: 131,799

Play Sniper Assassin

#3: Sniper Assassin


Sniper Assassin is without a doubt one of the finest first person shooter stick figure games out there. Combining both a careful, steady hand with logical and focus, this game is a great way to relieve some stress and...

Number of plays: 95,464

Play Sneaky Sniper

#4: Sneaky Sniper


In Sneaky Sniper, paying attention to detail is key. The game itself isn't much more difficult than the average sniper game but the instructions can some of the missions can be a little difficult to understand. It isn't always...

Number of plays: 84,884

Play Clear Vision

#5: Clear Vision


Clear Vision is a great little first person shooter stick figure game that slowly increases in difficulty with each challenge. It is unique in that after you complete each challenge you will return to you home where you will...

Number of plays: 67,207

Play Clear Vision Elite

#6: Clear Vision Elite


Clear Vision Elite sees the triumphant return of the stick figure Jack the Clear Vision series had made us grow so fond of. This time, though, the game is a much different one than its predecessors with much improved...

Number of plays: 52,655

Play Save the Witness

#7: Save the Witness


The stickman president was assassinated! Who, on the world of stick figures, can bring themselves to pull off such an act? The good news is that the only witness was willing to stand in court and testify. HOWEVER, the bad...

Number of plays: 26,221

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