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Causality Instructions

Causality is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with objects in the game as well as the game's interface.

Causality Walkthrough

Causality is a stick game that is good for killing time, and killing a few stickmen as well! Causality is a short game, featuring only three levels, but each level offers a very strenuous challenge!

The goal of causality is to bring death to every stickman on each level. In order to do this, you must use your mouse to click on various spots in the background on or stickmen themselves to bring about their untimely ends. Be careful though, because if you allow a stickman to witness another stickman's death, then you will have to restart the level all over again.

Causality is a stick figure game that rewards trial-and-error. You will most likely have to make multiple attempts on each level before getting it right. Each level requires a certain order in which you must kill stickmen. If you kill a stickman too soon, he might not trigger an event that would allow you to set up the death of another. It is good to watch what the stickmen do the first time that you play a level in order to plan your actions. After you have a good sense of the sequence of actions that they will take, you can plan your own moves.

Causality requires a high attention to detail. One small crack in the ceiling, or a flickering computer screen may be used to lead to the "accidental" passing of your victims in this stickman game. I won't give you all of the answers here though, since that would take the fun out of discovering them for yourself!

Causality is a stick figure game that appeals to our more sinister side. If you like challenging puzzle games that reward you with the gory deaths of stick figures, then Causality is a stick game that you don't want to miss!