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Champion Archer Instructions

To move your archer, use 'w' to move up the screen, 's' to move down the screen, 'a' to move left and 'd' to move right. Aim your bow by using the mouse. Hold the left mouse button to build power in your shot and release the left mouse button to shoot.

Champion Archer Walkthrough

Champion Archer is a great stick figure war game in which you fight along side a team of stick figure soldier and attempt to fight off the invading gray stick figures. Your responsibility is to defend you the sword wielding stick figures by shooting arrows at your enemies to take them out before they can destroy your army. You can move up and down in the screen as well as left to right to get a better shot to your enemies. It's best to shoot from a comfortable distance, however, or you may find yourself surrounded with nothing to defend yourself but your bow. Move on to the the next level if you can defend your stick figure men long enough for them to reach the right side of the screen. If the gray men reach the left side of the screen, however, the game is over. The great thing about this game is that your death does not necessarily mean the game is over. Your soldiers will fight on after you're gone and you'll be reborn fresh as a daisy in the next level if they are successful in fighting off the enemy.

Headshots are everything in this difficult stick figure war game. You not only get to kill your enemy with one shot but you also get more money for head shots. You will need to hit an enemy several times to kill them if you don't manage a head shot and they will continue to attack your soldier until they die. Enemies exact significant damage in their attacks to taking them out as quickly as possible is important. Strategy is important in Champion Archer, but perhaps not as important as it is in other stick figure war games. The best way to handle your enemies is to follow closely behind your soldiers if there are only a few attacking enemy soldiers and target specific enemies to try to get those all important headshots. When there is a large group of enemies advancing, retreat and nail them with a rapid volley of arrows. Don't worry about headshots. Focus instead of shooting into the group as fast as possible to try to thin the attacking group so your soldiers stand a better chance.

Use the money you get for killing your enemies between levels to buy upgrades to make your army stronger. You can buy more damage, faster soldiers, take no damage, no power bar, double shot and quick shot all of which are designed to strengthen both your defense and your attack. Each upgrade is worth it so make sure you kill as many enemies as you can to make all the money you can to get these upgrades. More damage is a great upgrade as it greatly improves the strength and damage inflicted by your attack. Faster soldiers is great for getting your soldiers to the other side of the screen faster. You will also get back up much faster if an enemy has destroyed all of your soldiers. Take no damage is great for you, but remember, this upgrade only applies to you. While you may not be able to get hurt by enemy swords, your fellow soldiers still can. Double shot and quick shot are worth the extra money because they allow you to deliver more damage much more quickly.

The most important thing to remember about Champion Archer is that there is a small amount of time you need to wait between shots so don't allow yourself to get surrounded by enemies. Stay back and shoot from a distance as often as you can. When the big stick figures start to attack, you are your soldier's best line of defense so if you need to, let your soldiers handle the little guys while you take on the big one.

Overall, Champion Archer is a great game that gets more and more challenging as the game advances. The addition of the big stick figures is a great touch providing an added level of difficulty for those who find the little guys too easy.