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Rating: 4.36/5 stars (289 ratings)

Chaos War 3 Instructions

Use left arrow key to move left, right arrow key to move right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to crouch or duck, 'a' key to roll. Press 's' to shoot. Press 'd' to fire. Tap 's' and 'd' repeatedly to perform combos. Press 'c' to use Cassopiea. Press 'w' to cast a spell and press 'e' to switch spells.

Chaos War 3 Walkthrough

Chaos War 3 is an excellent stickman fighting game that allows you to kill all sorts of stickmen enemies if you have the skill to take on the task. Lure enemies into an ambush, take them out one by one and collect health to replenish damage you suffered during battle. This game has everything a good stickman war game should have. Lots of stickman blood and more than challenging enough to keep your interest.

When you first begin playing, you may have a hard time mastering the controls, so consider taking a few minutes of the start of the game to play around with the weapons and your controls to get the hang of it. When you encounter enemies they hit fast and hard so the best way to be prepared is to take a little time to practice. Each time you take out an enemy, you will be given both experience points and a health boost so it definitely pays to take your enemies out. Make sure you kill all the enemies in a given level as you won't be able to progress to the next level if you don't. Avoid skipping enemies for that reason. If you can't find them to take them out, you're not going to be able to move on.

When you find a GDP and need to use it to get to a plateau that seems out of reach, jump on it to get a little more height in your jump. This is also a great way to get a drop attack on a group of enemies. The graphics aren't spectacular but they're about on par with the other stickman war games. You can choose to play in story mode where you take on bad guys level after level, or you can go with arena mode which is just a free-for-all of stickman carnage and mayhem. The story in story mode is fun and entertaining, but if you're just looking for a little violent mayhem arena mode is definitely way to go.

chaos War 3 is a fun little war game where you can do missions or just beat up some little stickmen. The game is surprisingly addictive, but if you find yourself stuck in a level with no choice but to start over, it can get a little frustrating especially since there is no option to restart the level unless you die. There is also no main menu option once you are in the actual game so if you want to try another mode of play, you have to refresh the page. Overall, the game is fun and entertaining with only a few minor glitches to be concerned about.