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Checkpoint Instructions

The control scheme for Checkpoint is pretty straightforward and easy to pick up. For your basic movement, just use the W, A, S, and D keys. The W key, just in case you are wondering, is for jumping. The S key, on the other hand, is for crouching. Well, if you want to, you can launch yourself in mid air with the W button to pull off some smooth and jaw dropping acrobatics. BUT believe me; you don't want to do that for 2 reasons: First, you get no extra points for pulling off those stunts. Second, this game is all about speed and timing. Doing a somersault while in mid air is one of the best ways to waste time... and end up dying! Ok, now that we are done with the controls, let's have a closer look at the game.

Checkpoint Walkthrough

A quick firing arcade and stick man game - this is Checkpoint. The game play and its flow is quite odd BUT, nevertheless, fun. You need to avoid all of those things that would kill you, BUT at the same time, there are some points in the game where dying is necessary! Taking the uniqueness of this game up a notch is the running commentary (or should I say ruining commentary?) while you are making the run for it. Hero Interactive, the same guys who brought us Bubble Tanks and Storm Winds, goes the extra mile: Checkpoint will taunt you all the time. It will keep on telling you why you are such a terrible gamer, it will question every single move you make, and when you fail, it will let out that laugh, which will surely make you shrink or sink on the ground.

Oh, that's not enough to slow you down? That's nice to hear, because Checkpoint doesn't stop there. It will time your deaths and tally it... showing you how abysmal you are. Not to mention if will show you that pitiful final score when you finish the game. Let's see how your ego's toughness or lack thereof.

The goal of the game is pretty straightforward. You start the level on one side, and on the other end, you will find that glowing checkpoint. All you need to do is get there and you will move on to the next level. Pretty simple, huh? Yeah it is, BUT the road to that glowing checkpoint is NOT something you want to tread...especially in real life. Not only is the way blocked by a door, you need to find the keys by climbing those walls around you. And alas! Those walls and roads are infested with dragons and snakes. There spikes and sawblades all over the place... waiting for you to trip so it could cleave you in half. YES, this game is filled with all sorts of obstacles and hazards that will shred you to pieces before you can even say "Checkpoint!"

As I have mentioned, deaths in this game are tallied and they are shoved to your face. BUT don't let that slow you down or discourage you. Why? Simply because dying in this game is inevitable. PLUS, remember what I told you about the game play? YES, you sometimes need to die to move on to the next stage.

How does dying several times on top of spikes to create a corpse bridge so you could cross sound? What about using your dead body to hold down buttons to keep passages open? OUCH! Yes, that would hurt a lot (especially for your score) BUT don't let it get into your nerves. You may be tempted to cover the top part of the game's screen to ignore the taunts, BUT don't. Sometimes, it can be very helpful. The running / ruining commentary will taunt you most of the time. HOWEVER, there are times when you will receive a nice hint or two on how to move on to the next level.

I really like how the levels in Checkpoint have been designed. It's very creative to say the least. Each level introduces more and more ways to kill yourself... and it shows you how you can use your deaths and corpses to your benefit.

True, the difficulty level of this game is way higher than other casual stick figure games. HOWEVER, none of them are impossible to finish. Every level feels hard BUT ultimately won. While this is one of those games where it's easy to spend hours on, you can still finish it in one sitting.

If you think punishing your character and killing it in a number of ways to achieve greater good (in this game getting to the checkpoint) is epic, then this is a stick man game you should check out!