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Choose Your Weapon Instructions

The controls in this game are pretty simple - Q or A for using your chosen weapon (which the virus adjusts to) and W or S for your tail slap which you can use for swinging as well. That's about it. Pretty much the same with the controls from other Choose Your Weapon games.

Choose Your Weapon Walkthrough

Baseball heads, armored viruses, viruses beefed up with Kevlar armor, and those are just to name a few of the enemies you will encounter in Choose Your Weapon. What do you need to do? Well, the title of the game explains exactly what you need to do - pick the suitable weapon to dispatch those viruses.

So you are facing a thousand of those baseball heads? Grab your baseball bat and whack them to oblivion. What about those viruses with fireball heads? No, you can't expect for the flamethrower to work on them. Throw a landmine, pulverize them with a scatter gun, or hammer them with a mallet. YES, you need to adjust accordingly to the opponent in front of you.

Quick fingers - they are necessary in this game as you need to switch from one weapon to another as you have different types of enemies in one level. Use the Glow Monkey's unrivalled agility to take shelter, switch weapons, and go ahead with the whacking.

When enemies get near you and you still haven't figured out which weapon works on them, use your tail whip to make them trip - giving you enough time to switch weapons. So far, the most versatile of the weapons in Choose Your Weapon is the landmine. BUT mind you - you can't just spam them, because that would make the game CHEESY and unchallenging. You only have 20 of them so use them wisely and only on those situations where you are cornered (which you shouldn't allow to happen in the first place).

Choose Your Weapon - YES, your choice and logic matters a lot in this game!