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Choose Your Weapon 2 Instructions

The controls in Choose Your Weapon 2 are pretty much the same with the other versions of Choose Your Weapon. Use Q or A for using your chosen weapon. On the other hand, the W or S button is used for tail whip for close range attacks and swinging to and fro those eye balls.

Choose Your Weapon 2 Walkthrough

Here's the story in Choose Your Weapon 2 - the virus has mutated and came up with a lot of wicked ways to wreak chaos and havoc. Viruses that teleport from one spot to another and is capable of firing thunderbolts and fire blasts at you no matter where you are, viruses from medieval ages, viruses that have burning heads, baseball heads, and those are just to name a few.

You, on the other hand, have 10 different weapons (which you need to unlock by finishing the levels in Choose Your Weapon 2) - a light saber, a flame thrower, a scatter gun, landmines (very versatile BUT you only have 15 of them), a hammer, a phone call to an ape that obliterates everything in its path with a high powered machine gun, and a whole lot more.

You need to pick your weapons and switch from one to another fast. So you are facing viruses with baseball heads? Simple! Use the baseball bat. What about that Darth Vader virus? Almost anything will work against it except the light saber. Those guys are immune to it. As for the viruses with burning heads, don't expect the flame thrower to work on them. And those medieval aged viruses, they are pretty beefy and tough. You can take them out in one go with a landmine or you can use the scatter gun (it takes multiple shots though) to blast them into pieces while keeping a safe distance.

One more tip: those mystical, magical, or whatever you call it viruses that controls fire and lightning elements - you should take them out first. You can't expect to move around the place easily with them firing at you no matter where you are. Taking them out in Choose Your Weapon 2 is pretty easy though. Their attacks have an extremely long cooldown, allowing you the Glow Monkey to take advantage of this with your superior move speed. You see, they can't walk and they won't teleport until they get hit. They should be a sitting duck for you. Land 3 hits and off they go.