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Choose Your Weapon 3 Instructions

Choose Your Weapon 3, in this game where the virus got smarter from the previous version, the Q or A button is used for attacking with the weapon you have chosen. The W or S button, on the other hand, is for tail slapping your opponents to oblivion. The arrow keys, on the other hand, is for moving your character left, right, up, and down.

Choose Your Weapon 3 Walkthrough

Choose Your Weapon 3 lives up to its name. YES, choosing your weapon is very crucial in this game. There are 10 weapons all in all in this game - a scissor at the beginning of the game, a flame thrower, a mallet, land mines, a shot gun (which has a lot of barrels by the way), a baseball bat, a razor that needs fuel, a battle axe that will cleave your enemies in two, boomerang, and last BUT not the least a bomb that eliminates all enemies.

Grab the wrong weapon in Choose Your Weapon 3 and you won't do any damage to your enemies. In light of that, I advice that, at the beginning of every stage, check out the enemies before you dive in. So some of the viruses have flames on their heads? Then don't expect the flame thrower to work on them. Grab the mallet instead or use the multi barrel shot gun. What about those viruses with baseball heads? Bamboozle them with the baseball bat and It's a sure home run.

The landmine, as far as I'm concerned, is the most versatile of the weapons in Choose Your Weapon 3. HOWEVER, you only have 15 of them so use them wisely. In case you run out of them though, you will encounter extra landmines to refill your armory. Oh! By the way, the bomb (press 0 to use it) can only be used twice. Again, use it with care and only in those times where your life is running extremely low and enemies are swarming you from left, right, and center.

There are stages also where you need to put that tail into a lot of work - swinging from one eye ball to another to reach that black hole, worm hole, or whatever you call it to get to another stage. BUT be fast, that tank from New Grounds will be firing at you like crazy!