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Choose Your Weapon 4 Instructions

In Choose Your Weapon 4, quick fingers and quick thinking is required. Use the arrow buttons to move your character up, down, left, and right. On the other hand, the Q or A button is used for swatting or blasting your enemies with your chosen weapon. The W or S button, on the contrary, is for slapping your enemies with your tail. Pretty simple heh? BUT as you will see later, this isn't one of those games that you can finish within 10 minutes or so. It's bound to keep you on the edge of your seats!

Choose Your Weapon 4 Walkthrough

Choose Your Weapon 4 - in this game, the computer virus is back and It's your job to eliminate it! Check out your armory and you would see 20 different weapons that you can pick. YES, you have read that right - 20 different weapons and thay are all unlocked and ready for action.

BUT don't think that fighting and eliminating the virus is a piece of cake. They are coming at you, fighting back, and ready to overwhelm you with sheer power alone. What made this game even trickier is the fact that not all of the weapons are created equal. In Choose Your Weapon 4, your choice of weapon is more crucial than you may think. You should pick the best one for every level and eliminate the virus with it.

That said, how you move around every level is just as important. As mentioned, they will overwhelm you with sheer numbers. Keeping a safe distance while slapping them with your tail, throwing landmines, whacking them with your cane, etc. is important.

Landmines and scissors - they are my favorite weapons as far as I'm concerned. You see, these viruses chase you whenever they see you so setting traps and throwing landmines while fleeing is an excellent way to blast their heads off without getting a scratch. The scissors, on the other hand, have a pretty long range - allowing you to cut the head and take down several enemies without any difficulty. And in case they do get near me, I have the good old tail slap to finish them off.

BUT those are just 2 of the weapons in Choose Your Weapon 4. I have chosen mine. It's about time you do too!