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Rating: 3.59/5 stars (76 ratings)

City Jumper Instructions

Press the left arrow key for a small jump. Press the right arrow key for a big jump. Press the up arrow key to start a new level.

City Jumper Walkthrough

In City Jumper you find yourself running through the city just trying to make it to the other side alive. On the way you need to jump over building both big and small, bridges, sky scrapers and even bums along with various other obstacles. Hit an obstacle and die a very bloody, unpleasant looking death. Can you make it to the other side alive?

City Jumper is a lot harder than it looks. You need to carefully time your jumps to avoid the obstacles on the ground as well as obstacles in the sky. You are given an extra life at the completion of each run and once you reach the higher levels, you will definitely need them. You also get five bonus lives if you get a seagull bonus although they can be a bit challenging to get to. Although this game gets a lot of negative reviews, the truth is that it is a fun, exciting game that keeps you playing level after level. There is nothing in the way of story which is perhaps what some find unappealing and the graphics are fairly basic for even a stick figure game, but the real joy of this game is all in the game play and the attempts to reach the next level without getting cut in half.

As far as stick figure games go, City Jumper is one of the more unique options out there. You don't move left to right. You don't attack enemies. You simply jump over buildings and avoid obstacles using either small jumps or big jumps. There is some strategy involved in this game beyond simply hitting buttons. You need to time your jumps exactly in later levels to avoid hitting the rain clouds overhead while ensuring you will have the time to make your next jump before crashing into the next building. Bums provide the most difficult challenge as you need to try to avoid them while still making your jumps over building and avoiding the other obstacles. The key to the game is to figure out what jumps you can make with a big jump and what jumps only require a little one. Many times, you will have to make a series of little and big jumps in quick succession which is what makes the game the most challenging. You need to be fast with your fingers to get through later levels. Be patient and in time, you'll get the hang of it.