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Clear Vision Instructions

Aim with your mouse. Use your left mouse button to shoot

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Clear Vision is a great little first person shooter stick figure game that slowly increases in difficulty with each challenge. It is unique in that after you complete each challenge you will return to you home where you will be given instructions for your next mission. In your home you can click on the newspaper to read a story about you latest kill or your next mission or click on the television to watch an ad. Take a few second to click on the television. The scene changes and it gives the game an extra layer off interactivity which is a fun little addition to the game.

The beginning missions aren't really all that difficult, but they give you the chance to get used to aiming and firing. The important thing to remember about Clear Vision is that you have to read the mission directives carefully. In some of the missions there will be more than one person present in the scene but you are only ordered to kill one of them. If you kill the wrong person, you will fail your mission and have to retry the mission. In one of the missions you are required to kill both of the stick figures on the screen but you have to act fast. Killing one of the stick figures will cause the other one to run. To pass the mission, you have to kill both so allowing one to escape will mean you fail the mission.

The story in Clear Vision catches your attention from the beginning. As a child, you witnessed the assassination of your parents while you hid in fear of your life. You are then taken and trained against your will as a soldier for the army that killed your parents. When you finally leave the camp you begin working as a hitman which is where our game begins. As the game unfolds, you learn more about the camp, the army and what you had to go through during training.

The only problem with Clear Vision is that it is far too short and you can easily beat the game. It ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you searching for the next in the series right away. You want to play more of this addictive, challenging game but you also want to know what happens next. The game is fun, but for those used to this type of first person shooter stick figure game, it may prove a bit too easy. It's worth playing for the story alone even if it only takes you a few minutes to breeze through the game from beginning to end.