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Clear Vision Elite Instructions

Use you mouse to aim your weapon. Press the left mouse button to fire. Zoom in on your target by pressing 'space'.

Clear Vision Elite Walkthrough

Clear Vision Elite sees the triumphant return of the stick figure Jack the Clear Vision series had made us grow so fond of. This time, though, the game is a much different one than its predecessors with much improved graphics, a zoom feature and upgrades that can be purchased with the money you make for completing missions. The upgrades include upgrades to your weapon as well as new and improved weapons that will make your sniping missions much easier to accomplish. They are well worth the money although getting the money to purchase them can be a little tricky.

The missions are harder although they still involve the same combination of skill and logic that has made the other games in the series so popular. Aiming is harder than ever with this game which is part of the reason some people have a hard time playing the game. In order to truly get anywhere, you need to take the time to get familiar with the controls and more importantly, how to hit a target. With the understanding that they've made the game much tougher this time, you are offered the chance to hone your skills at the shooting range. If you are having a hard time getting the hang of hitting your targets and can't seem to complete the missions, spend a little time at the shooting range, hit some targets there and then go back in and give the missions another shot. The shooting range is quite possibly the best feature added here as even those that don't like the missions can still enjoy targeting bottles, actual targets and even a barrel. Hit the shooting range every time you get a new weapon or upgrade the weapon you have to get used to what that weapon can do before you test it out in a mission. You get $1,500 each time you complete a mission successfully but also lose $500 each time you fail. This means fewer upgrades.

Each time you fail a mission you are given tips on how to beat the mission. Sometimes that tip will tell you what kind of weapon you need and what kind of upgrade you need to do. If you don't have the right weapon and don't have the money to buy it, complete some of the less difficult missions to earn money. Remember, you may not always need to shoot the stick figure to kill him, so look for other options. Each time you click on a mission, it will tell you how many enemies there are to kill and the level of difficulty. Keep that in mind when making your selection. The harder levels almost always need upgrades to your weapon, so save those for last.

Overall, Clear Vision Elite is an excellent first person shooter stick figure game that has made many improvements over previous versions. The graphics are crisp, the missions are challenging and the game, as a whole, is completely addictive.