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Cold Crime Instructions

Here we have another action game that involves ton of mouse and keyboard work. Use the W, A, and D button to keep your character moving. On the other hand, your mouse is for moving your scope and hitting on the target. Also, use the spacebar to change your weapon. That's it easy and simple!

Cold Crime Walkthrough

Cold Crime - YES, that's what this game is all about. The Mayor of Backborn City was assasinated - shot by a sniper straight to head. A perfect kill. HOWEVER, a couple of police enforfers spotted the sniper and It's your job to chase him down. BUT this is no easy feat. As you will find out, the sniper has a lot of allies?enemies of the state - goons armed with guns ready to fire and blow your head.

In Cold Crime, fast fingers and quick thinking is required to dominate. You need to dodge and fire back as you have nothing to take as cover. All you have is a rifle (and a not so powerful one at that). It takes a couple of shots before you can take one enemy down (especially those ones that are red and blue) so you need to keep the damage to the minimum (while jumping and moving forward, that's what I do) while dealing fatal blows to your enemy.

Along the way, you will pick up additional health and stronger rifles (with lesser ammunition) in Cold Crime. Use these weapons wisely. Use them in those crucial moments where enemies are coming from left and right. Oh! One more thing - you should be careful about those guys that throw grenades around. Trust me, you can't just go past them. They will follow you and keep throwing grenades until you are toasted. So take them down as fast as you can with a stronger rifle.

Cold Crime - fast paced and action packed game that will keep you hooked for hours. By the way, there are no second tries on this one. Once you die, that means you need to start from square one so be careful with every single move you make.