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Creative Kill Chamber Instructions

Stick figure games - in the control scheme department, most of the games in this genre are very easy and straightforward to handle. Creative Kill Chamber (or CKC) is not different. This is a 'point and click' stick figure game where you have to look for clues, point and click with your mouse, dispatch your captors... and rinse and repeat the process until you beat the game. Nothing really complicated as far as controls go, BUT make no mistake about it - it's fast paced and can be hard to beat! Let's have a closer look at the game.

Creative Kill Chamber Walkthrough

Creative Kill Chamber, better known as CKC, is another stick figure game where your task is to escape death that comes in many and morbid forms. The generals decided to test their elite stick soldiers killing prowess, and you are the guinea pig! You need to kill all of the enemy units and dart for the exit of the stage while collecting stuff for your inventory in the process. There are different ways to dispatch your captors, BUT you need to look for clues and do some pixel hunting with your mouse button on various objects and enemies if you want any chance of advancing to the next level. For those of you who are having a hard time beating the game, here's a quick and level by level walkthrough that will help you...

CKC Level 1: First off, click the box to run behind it and grab that small stone near you. After that, click on the guard to throw the stone at him. After taking him out, click on the guard's general area to walk there and click on the handcuff keys on the floor to set yourself free from the bind. Next, grab that rifle and stone and dart for the exit.

CKC Level 2: Immediately, click on the first pillar to take cover from fire. Click on either of the guards to kill them both. Done? COOL! Next, click and go to the general area to advance. See that key card and pistol? Pick them both by clicking and go to the door's card-entry slot and go through the door.

CKC Level 3: Upon entering the 3rd level, the guard will throw you immediately and you should quickly click on the ledge to grab it. Click on the guard and select the pistol option. Climb back and get back on your feet by clicking above the ledge. So what are you to do? How do you cross to the other side safely? SIMPLE! Click on the dead guard to pick him up and click on the spiked area to throw him there. Now you have a safe jumping platform. Click on him once he's down to jump on him and safely avoid the spikes. Next, click on the opposite ledge, jump across, and enter the doorway.

CKC Level 4: On the fourth level, click on the red box to pick up the ice picks. The ice picks will allow you to climb the wall up. Click on the upper part of the wall to stick your picks up, click on the same spot to start climbing, rinse and repeat until you reach the top, which brings you to the next level.

CKC Level 5: Once you are on top, click on the edge's ledge. Warning: you should keep your eyes open for the guard. Once you see the guard walk over, click him and dispatch him with either your pistol or an ice pick... either will do. Just dispatch him. Next, jump down, and time will slow. You should now choose how to kill the guard. Pick up the knife and go through the door.

CKC Level 6: Click on the guard, and again, it's up to you how you want to dispose him. Climb up that box and grab the plasma pistol. Click on the blue box again to get up. Next, jump on that floating platform and jump on the opposite ledge. Click on the blue sphere to shoot it and unlock the door. By the way, in this part of the level, timing is important, so keep your eyes open. Go through the door as usual.

CKC Level 7: To start this level off, click the guard across you. Double shot or charge shot - it's all up to you to choose how he dies. Next, quickly kill the next guard. By the way, you will score a unique kill on this one. Grab the plasma rifle and shoot the box using minimal power. See those grenades? Grab them! Jump up on the middle of the stone tower and click on the rock mass that's blocking the door. Just choose the grenade option and blast them off. Next, go through the door.

CKC Level 8: Click on the first guard and dispatch him using the plasma rifle. After that guard is gone, click on the next one on top of the platform. It will give you 3 angle choices and you should pick the second one. He will get hit, fall on the button and this will activate and open the door. Next, jump on the first block and proceed on the smaller block and make your way through the door.

CKC Level 9: Click on the guard and, as usual, pick the death that you like. Next, climb up the box and get your jet pack at the Rocket Hut Jr's. When you are strapped, you are ready to fly and good to go. Just click on the upper part of the screen to get that rocket going and click again on the same spot to fly up.

CKC Level 10: There will be a ninja and you need to quickly dispose him by clicking on him and picking the grenade option. Why NOT plasma? Well, he'll just block those. So the solution is to let him block an explosive. ? BUT be careful as he will try and hit the grenade back at you. You need to shoot the grenade while it's airborne once you see the red arrow. This will immediately set off the grenade and kill the ninja. Fly up to the next section.

CKC Level 11: Click on the guard and again, just choose how you want to get rid of him. Again, you have 3 choices - each one has their own benefit. Just pick the one you like and after dispatching him, fly up and exit.

CKC Level 12: AHA! The final level! Immediately shoot the arrow that's thrown at you. This is no ordinary arrow. By shooting it, it will deflect the arrow, causing it to crash and detonate on the tower and kill the guard inside. Grab the tech bow, jump on top of the stone tower, and click on the approaching guard. Exit to the final section. FREEDOM!