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Creative Kill Chamber 2 Instructions

Creative Kill Chamber 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click to take action and to kill your enemies!

Creative Kill Chamber 2 Walkthrough

Creative Kill Chamber 2 is the sequel to the stick figure game, Creative Kill Chamber. Creative Kill Chamber 2 features superior graphics and animations while retaining the same style of gameplay presented in its predecessor.

Like the first Creative Kill Chamber, Creative Kill Chamber 2 is a combination of point-and-click adventure game and puzzle game. Your objective is to once again survive the horrors of the chamber, kill any guards that you encounter, and save your friend, Kenji, from captivity! Your progress is not saved in this stick game, but it can be completed in less than five minutes, so saving is not necessary.

Creative Kill Chamber 2 is controlled entirely by using the mouse. Click on various areas of the stage to move or take action, click on items to pick them up, and click on enemies to attack them. If you are having trouble figuring out where to click, hover your mouse over the stage while keeping an eye on the action box in the lower-right corner of the screen. When a word or phrase appears in the action box, click to perform that action. In some place, arrows will appear to prompt you to click in a certain area. If you see an arrow, be ready to click quickly since that typically means that quick action is necessary to survive!

As its name implies, Creative Kill Chamber 2 requires creativity to defeat your enemies! There are often multiple ways to kill guards. Killing guards the same way or in stylish ways can earn achievements in this stick game. Choose carefully though because some kill attempts may backfire or get you killed! Don't worry; if you do meet your demise, you have multiple chances to retry the scene that you died on.

Creative Kill Chamber 2 may not be a long game, but it still offers incredible gameplay and is great for a quick break in your day. If you enjoyed the first Creative Kill Chamber, or if you just want a brisk spot of gory stick-figure game action in your day, then you will love Creative Kill Chamber 2!