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Defend Your Castle Instructions

click attackers with left mouse button to pick them up and use your mouse to drag them away from your case while still holding the left mouse button. Drop them by releasing the left mouse button. 'P' pauses the game.

Defend Your Castle Walkthrough

Defend Your Castle is a classic game in the stickman game genre. It's hard to believe a game this simple can be this much fun. The object of the game is simply to defend your castle from attackers by picking them up and dropping them to a bloody death.

The graphics are about as basic as they come and the controls couldn't be easier. If you can use a mouse you can play this game. With each stage you have more enemies to fight off so the game manages to remain challenging. Drop your enemies for as high as you can. If the fall doesn't kill them, they'll just get right back up and race for your castle again.

There are many excellent upgrades you can buy between levels with the points you earn during the level. If you can avoid making small repairs on your castle, you should. This allows you to save more points for the higher quality upgrades such as the archery range, the demolition lab, the workshop, the manapool and the temple.

The temple allows you to capture enemies - just don't drop them from too high up as you will splatter them - and train them to defend your castle or to use them as kamikaze soldiers. The archery range will automatically defend your castle without you having to control them. The workshop which will allow you to train craftsmen to do any repairs to your castle as soon as they're needed. This is a great upgrade for someone who finds they are in need of repairs on a regular basis. The Demolition lab allows you to send out kamikaze soldiers to help you control those pesky attackers. All you have to do to deploy them is click on the icon under the castle hit points and then click on them to detonate them. The manapool is the most expensive upgrade at 40,000 points but it is well worth it. Press 1 or 'a' to use a kill spell which will destroy an entire enemy unit. Press 2 or 's' to use a detonate spell which kills all enemies in the blast radius or press 3 or 'd' for a conversion spell which turns enemies into allies. Want more manna? Train more wizards!

Defend Your Castle is an epic, classic game that everyone should play at least once. If you're a fan of stickman games this game is an absolute must!