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Double Wires Instructions

Double Wires is controlled by using the mouse. Click to shoot your web towards the location on your mouse cursor.

Double Wires Walkthrough

Double Wires is a simple stick figure game. This ragdoll stickman game features simple graphics and controls, and very challenging gameplay.

The goal of Double Wires is to travel as far as you can, swinging from object to object by using wires attached to your stickman's hands. If your stickman falls below the edge of the screen, the game will be over.

When you begin Double Wires, you will be greeted by the very simple title screen. You may notice a stickman falling down from the top of the screen between the letters. You can control this character to get a feel for the game before beginning. Try to swing from letter to letter by using your mouse to release one of your wires. Simply aim with your mouse cursor, and click where you want to release a wire. When you are done practicing (or your stickman falls below the bottom of the screen), click on the button labeled "Go" to begin the game.

Double Wires is a simple, but very challenging game. You must swing from object to object, similar to Spider-Man, in order to stay above the bottom of the screen. Your wires have a limited length, so it is best to try to aim for places that are nearby whenever possible. You can only shoot a wire if a wire is free, so clicking wildly will not help you if both of your wires are attached to a surface.

Double Wires is a very simple stickman game, and features no upgrades or achievements. The focus of this stick game is simply to get as far as you possibly can. Do not let the simplicity of this stick game fool you though; it can still be very addicting! I managed to make it 120 yards in one game; how far can you go? Find out by playing Double Wires!