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Rating: 4.55/5 stars (89 ratings)

Dragon Slayers 2 Instructions

Aim your shot using your mouse. Press the left mouse button to draw arrow and release the left mouse button to shoot.

Dragon Slayers 2 Walkthrough

Dragon Slayers 2 is an addictive archery based stick figure game in which it is your job to make sure those pesky attacking dragons don't destroy your castle. It isn't as challenging as some of the other archery stick figure games out there, but it's a lot of fun and does get increasingly difficult as the game progresses. If you don't find the beginning levels challenging enough, stick it out. It definitely gets harder. For the beginning that may seem daunting. Fortunately for you, there are many excellent upgrades you can purchase between levels with the gold you get throughout the level to make the game much easier. This is really a game anyone can play and enjoy.

Unlike many of the other games in the stick figure game genre, the focus in this game isn't on gore and watching stick figures get abused. Dragon Slayers 2 is all about fighting the good fight, defending what you believe in and, well, killing dragons. Okay, maybe it's all about killing dragons, but the fact remains that this particular stick figure game is very light on the blood and carnage so it's a good option for those that like archery games but don't like gore.

The graphics in Dragon Slayers 2 are not likely to win any awards or thrill any graphic fanatics, but they're decent for a stick figure game. The dragons look like dragons and the boat is fairly impressive looking. The background images won't distract you from the game play but they're hardly drab and boring. They'll keep your attention while the challenge of the game will keep you playing. The controls are also fairly easy to master so you don't have to worry about not being able to get the hang of the game.

If you're having trouble with a particular level, consider what upgrades you can buy to make it easier. If you're just not able to defend your castle quick enough, look for upgrades that strengthen your castle wall. There is more than enough offered to keep your game play going smoothly.

Overall, Dragon Slayers 2 is a great game that everyone can enjoy. It's engrossing, fun and will have you hooked by the time you slay your last dragon in the first round.