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Electric Man 2 Instructions

Press the left arrow key to move left, the right arrow key to move right and the down arrow key to dodge. Press 'a' to punch, 's' to kick and 'd' to grab an enemy. Press 'q' to deliver a slow motion punch, 'w' to deliver a slow motion kick and 'e' to perform a slow motion grab.

Electric Man 2 Walkthrough

Electric Man 2 is a great stick figure fighting game in which you face off against various types of enemies to become the most powerful stick figure being in the universe. Each level gets harder and harder as new types of enemies are introduced and you face off against more of them at one time. With three different levels of difficulty, easy, normal and hard, you can choose a level that is within you skill set while still providing a decent challenge.

Electric Man 2 is a fun and challenging mix of martial arts and street fighting which is both engrossing and addictive. You want to beat each level to find out what comes next. The graphics are what you would expect of a good stick figure game. They aren't so basic that they're boring, but the focus here was most definitely placed on providing a fun game to play. The backgrounds for each level are always different as are the enemies so the game doesn't feel like the same old same old level after level. The basic controls are fairly easy to master with the real challenge lying in the need to evade your enemy attacks. Dodging is a great way to get out of a sticky situation, no pun intended, but it won't always be enough. You'll need to be fast with the punches and kicks to beat a level, but grabs are where the real power is. Just be careful if you run and grab an enemy. They will by thrown into the air and fall to the ground. While this little gem of a move delivers a great deal of damage to your enemy, it will also deliver a great deal of damage to you if your enemy lands on you. Make sure you stand clear!

Punches, kicks and grabs will change is you are surrounded by opponents or are running. If you are surrounded, you will notice your punches are different. If there are opponents behind you, kicks will change. Kicks will also change if you are running while you execute a kick. This is true of grabs too. Slow motion attacks are the most effective attacks you can deliver but they should be used sparingly. Keep an eye on your battery points as the slow motion moves you use will cost you these points. Moves that deplete your battery points are much more effective and deliver more damage but should be used sparingly. Your battery will recharge on its own, but it's better to avoid having to wait for that.