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Escaping The Prison Instructions

The control scheme of this stick figure game: Escaping The Prison, is as straightforward as it could get. The game is played entirely with the mouse. Point and click to interact through different elements in Escaping The Prison. With that out of the way, let's have a closer look at it.

Escaping The Prison Walkthrough

If you are used to stick figure games that are centered on shooting down fellow sticks, fighting, and bloody negotiations, this one before you is completely different! An adventure that is disguised as a room escape game, Escaping The Prison will test how quick you are. Are you good and fast at decision making and doing? Well, this stick game from Puffballs United will help you find out... and it will also help you fail A LOT!

Rather than being a classic room escape, this stick game is more of an interactive adventure. It's like those 'choose your adventure' books that we have been addicted to. The beginning of the story is very simple to pick up: you are playing the role of a poor guy in a prison cell. To cheer you up, you've just been given the gift of a cake. But it's not an ordinary cake. It holds a surprise that has eluded the attention of the lazy guards. And guess what: the cake comes with different handy items that you can use to finally set yourself free from those steel prison bars!

I really like how the story is told through funny animated scenes of expressive stick figures. The cast is completed by the hero (played by you who else?), the prison guards, and a whole bunch of supporting characters. After watching the scenes and animation, you need to make a choice by clicking on various objects on the screen. BUT be careful! Every choice leads to a chain reaction - you will be given another variety of options which leads to more choices and so on.

Now, don't think about being trigger happy. Many of the options lead to a fail (takes you back to the prison cell) or MASSIVE fail (death through a variety of things). All in all, out of the different options and choices at your disposal, there are 3 escape endings. They are hard to find BUT if you don't mind having the game spoilt for you, I have the endings below. Anyway, every fail will give you an option to make a different choice. You can go back to the beginning or start over. The whole objective of the game is to find all 3 endings while keeping your fail count down to a minimum.

I really love the animations in this game. BUT what really brings them to life is the wicked good writing! Coupled with the lovely voice-overs as well as pumped up music track that accompanies your character as he finds the escape route, this stick figure game is simply head and shoulders ahead of the pack

One more thing that I find really funny is how fun and interesting it is to see the little fella fail! Heck! I wouldn't be surprised at all if you are more interested in finding the failures than working out the escape routes. It's remarkable how many ways a stick figure can die

MASSIVE Spoiler Below!

And now, for the stuff that many of you have been waiting for: here are the 3 escape options outlined in a simple and straightforward manner. For Option A, this one is very simple. Choose the fifth option, which is the Cellphone. Next, pick the second option, The Disguising Bag, and you are good to go.

Moving forward, for option B, you need to select the first option: The File. Next, pick the Cell Door (the first option). Following that is the Spidey Sense Time. You need to click on the warning on the left, and then the right. Choose the second option after that: The Chair. And last BUT not the least, pick the second option again: The Plungers.

Last but not the least, here's Option C Choose the sixth option: The Drill. Choose the second option: The Crowbar. Go down, and then go left. When it says "click", click near the bottom right of the screen.