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For the most part in this stick man game, you will run around the screen and jumping from one platform to another using the W, A, S, and D buttons. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys, which I personally find a little awkward. You need to try to make your way through different screens... each of these has their own set of challenges.

Exit Path Walkthrough

If you are looking for stick figure games that offer screens full of spikes, lasers, as well as eye popping acrobatics, Exit Path is an exciting game that you should check out! John (known as jmtb02 in gaming circles) has proven that he can make a wide variety of games work. HOWEVER, his best works seem to lie in creating fast paced and action packed games. Exit Path is one of those stick man games that hasn't missed the mark!

The need to move quickly, constant ticking clock, the neeed to build up flow by keeping up a constant momentum - these are the signature characteristics of jmtb02 games and Exit Path has it all. Not to mention there are a couple of hard to reach collectibles and a couple of challenges where you need to think before jumping in head first. True, that means there are slow moments in the game BUT there will still be an overall sense of urgency.

Flash games - whether stick figure games, shooters, or what have you, have some trouble getting the multiplayer mode right. HOWEVER, Exit Path - with its auto matching, auto leveling, along with different courses to run through, does it very nicely. It might be the best attempt I have seen. The games end up really balanced and matched. Maximum fun and minimal skill imbalance.

As long as you have completed the single player mode first, you will have a good idea of what you should and shouldn't try to do. You should be ready to take on any other players who think they have what it takes to be posted on the Exit Path hall of fame.

Just like most jmtb02 games, Exit Path is oozing with achievements. The reward you get can be used to customize your character. This allows you to make your character a bit more personal BUT don't get me wrong: 15 pieces and awards are not required for proper performance. HOWEVER, you will find the added personal touch really helpful once you get into multiplayer mode. There you will play under a guest name (if you have an Armor Games account, that will be used instead). In multiplayer mode where you don't have a name, your awards and customization are your tell tale signs.