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Falling Forever Instructions

The controls of Falling Forever? Pretty simple: W for jumping, A for moving to the left and D to the right, and S to fall (well, even if you don't press S you will still fall). Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to do the same thing.

Falling Forever Walkthrough

In Falling Forever, you will be, well, falling forever! What an apt name. So what are you to do? Your job is to delay your doom by jumping from one bubble to another. The longer you last in the game the higher your score gets. Sounds boring? I thought so when I first played the game. It seems that one has to be extremely fortunate to last more than 10 seconds into the game.

HOWEVER, there are some tips and tricks in Falling Forever that you can use before you land on that laser beam and get shredded into pieces. First off, the wall - you can stick to it and drift or fall slowly while you wait for a nearby bubble to jump to.

As for the bubbles itself in Falling Forever, Here's what to do: time your jumps from one bubble to another for maximum lift. You will notice that circular light or electrical thingy (whatever you call it). Time your jump on the moment it reaches the center. That would be the same time that the bubble would burst. Doing so would give your usually and annoyingly weak jump extra power?giving you more time to find and stick to another bubble, which would also burst before you know it.