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Rating: 4.57/5 stars (562 ratings)

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Instructions

To move, press left arrow key to move left, right arrow key to move right, 's' to jump and perform other actions throughout the game. Use the up arrow key to go through doors.

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Walkthrough

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is a blast. It's the sort of adorable, challenging game no one wants to admit they like but spend hours playing all the same. I don't think I can say enough good things about this game. The only slight problem is, you may want to turn moving backgrounds off if you have sensitive eyes as it may possibly give you a bit of a headache if you play for an extended period of time - and you will definitely be playing for an extended period of time.

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is one of those games that your start playing and just can't stop. Even when you run into a level that seems unbeatable you just want to keep playing until you get it. The graphics are fun and entertaining and the game itself is challenging in a very fun, engrossing sort of way. While the story may be a little thin, you're having too much fun to worry about it.

The controls of the game take a little getting used to as it's all about momentum and jumping. You will pretty much just be using your arrow keys and the 's' to jump. Sometimes it may seem the bad guys come out of nowhere but you have a few lives to deal with so you have the chance to remember where they are the next time and avoid them.

All in all, Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is a unique, fun and entertaining game that gets your interest from the very beginning and holds your attention to the very end. It's fun to win trophies, unlock new colors for your fancy pants and just generally navigate through the levels. Each new level you reach has a new, enjoyable background and the game is just generally a joy to play.