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Fighters Rampage Instructions

Fighters Rampage is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The arrow keys move your character. The down arrow key also blocks your enemy's attacks. The A and S keys are used to punch. The D and F keys are used to kick. The W, E, and R keys are used to execute special moves. The spacebar is used to execute a super move. Click on your opponent while they are stunned to finish them.

Fighters Rampage Walkthrough

Fighters Rampage is a brutal fighting stickman game. This fighting game features smooth animations, six fighters to choose from, eighteen achievements, and a plethora a bone-crushing moves!

The goal of Fighters Rampage is the same as any other fighting game: dominate your opponent and go on to the next challenger! Each fight only lasts for only one round. In each round, both fighters will attack each other in an attempt to completely drain their opponent's life bar before their opponent does the same to them. If you defeat your opponent, you go on to the next challenger, but if your opponent defeats you, you will lose the game.

Fighters Rampage is quite a challenging fighting game. Unlike most arcade fighting games like Street Fighter, you do not need to input movement sequences to carry out special moves. Instead, you may activate special moves at any time by pressing the appropriate key. You may also use a super move in this stick figure game by pressing the spacebar. The super move costs you a bit of health, but you are invulnerable while executing it, and it it hits, it will take off a huge chunk of your opponent's life!

Fighters Rampage also feature fatalities! Unlike Mortal Kombat, you do not have to memorize a sequence of buttons to press. Instead, you simply click on your dazes opponent to finish them! Each character has their own unique fatality in this stick figure game.

Fighters Rampage features six selectable characters, each with their own moves. If you like combos, Yuken is the right character for you with his fast kickboxing style. Samurai Mack is a great choice if you like a powerful character that has a long reach with his attacks. My personal favorite character is Jack. Jack uses an arsenal of firearms and grenades to blast his way to victory. He also seems to have the most powerful super attack. Try out all of the different characters to find out which is your personal favorite in this fighting game!

Fighters Rampage is a fun stick figure game that pays homage to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. If you are a fan of fighting games, or even if you are a button-masher, you will enjoy Fighters Rampage for its brutal action and for its humor!