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Free Ball Instructions

Free Ball is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys. The S and D keys punch left and right. The A and F keys are used to reach left and right. The X and C keys perform close-ranged kicks to the left and right respectively, and the Z and V keys perform long-ranged kicks to the left and right.

Free Ball Walkthrough

Free Ball is a ragdoll game with infinite gameplay. Free Ball features stick figure graphics, neat particle effects, and simple controls.

The objective of Free Ball is to keep the green ball in the air as long as possible while avoiding the red ball. There is no way to explicitly win or lose in this ragdoll game an the game can go on indefinitely. There are no powerups, difficulty levels, or stages to unlock; the focus here is on simple gameplay.

The controls of Free Ball are simple. Throughout the game, these controls are displayed in a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot read them fast enough, the arrow keys are used to move, the S and D keys perform a close-ranged punch to the left and right, the A and F keys perform a long-ranged reach to the left and right, the X and C keys perform a close-ranged kick to the left and right, and the Z and V keys perform a long-ranged kick to the left and right. It is really only necessary to use the arrow keys in this ragdoll game to move your character, but controlling the limbs may help in some situations.

Scoring in Free Ball is based on time. The large timer in the upper-left corner of the screen indicates the amount of time that the green ball has been airborne since the last time it touched the ground or the last time that you were hit by the red ball. If the green ball touches the ground or you are hit by the red ball, this timer will reset. Your best time is indicated in smaller text below the current time.

Free Ball plays more like a widget than a full game, but it can still be fun and even addicting. If you are looking for a ragdoll game that allows you to goof around and have fun without dealing with complex rules, then Free Ball is what you are looking for!