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A stick figure game with nice elements of drawing games genre tossed in for good measure, Free Rider is an easy game to play. For drawing the platform that your rider will pass through, just use your mouse (in particular, the left click button). There is a host of drawing tools in the game. Palettes for creating a series of lines, ramps, etc. - you will find them in this unique stickman game. To use any of them, just left click on it and use your mouse to draw. As for controlling your rider, your keyboard is called for. It's not too difficult either, a little practice and toying with it is needed to get a hang of it. Press the up arrow key to move forward. You can easily change directions by pressing X button. The left and right buttons, on the other hand, are for leaning in those directions. Now that we are done with the controls, let's check out what made Free Rider a huge hit!

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Some folks love stick figure games along with all of the bizarre and unique things they offer. Others love drawing games, especially the ability to do just about anything with your mouse. And there are some who would dig in at just about any game that has a motorcycle or bike in it. If you would combine the genres these gamers love, this is what you get - Free Rider, a stick figure / drawing / platformer game (with a bike by the way) which everyone can enjoy!

If you have played Line Rider, a massively popular game that was voted as the best web toy back in 2006, then you will surely go nuts for this Free Rider and play it for hours. This game is a brand new take on Line Rider. And no, it's NOT a rip-off just in case you are wondering. It comes with more than enough enhancements to make it a new game and let it stand on its own.

For those of you who know Pete from OneMoreLevel, this guy has added a lot of interactive elements into the game, making the experience even better. It's an excellent blend of Line Rider and TeaGames' BMX series. You get to create your own level, and you get to race through it with your stick man.

What made this game stand out is the ability to share levels. I think this does a good job of fully taking advantage of the Free Rider's game play and style. Users can create their own levels, which is filled with obstacles, ramps, lines, etc. All you have to do is put a line of text into the comments and you are good to go. Apparently, this addition was warmly welcomed by the users that OneMoreLevel has decided to create their own forum where fans of Free Rider can share their levels.

What I find interesting is that there are no fine lines between playing a level and editing it. YES, you can add lines, edit some ramps here and there, and do just about anything while you are riding. The only hiccup I find in this game is that it's hard to create visually appealing levels, which was a strong point of its predecessor Line Rider. This stick man game doesn't have a background line tool, it doesn't have a pencil, there are no brushes, and the like.

One more thing I would like to point out that maneuvering in this game is quite unforgiving. It's not like other games where you create a level and let the rider blaze through it. You can view it as a nice addition to make the game challenging, or you can look at it more as a curse that's making it hard for you to have fun. I'm definitely taking the former perspective though.

Summing things up, Free Rider is an excellent stick man game, which has a create-your-own-level style of play. It's well worth a look. And there are forumers and users who are more than willing to help you create your own level!