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Free Rider 2 Instructions

Control your stick figure vehicle with the arrow keys. Press up arrow key to start riding and the right and left arrow keys to control your jump. Hover over the left and right side of the game screen to select tools and to view options for game play.

Free Rider 2 Walkthrough

I will admit, I just didn't get the appeal of Free Rider 2 in the beginning. I had my little stick figure in the center of the game screen waiting for me to tell him what to do and I just didn't know where to start. I decided to give the game a shot anyway despite the fact that it appeared to be mind numbingly boring. I'm glad I have it a shot. Free Rider 2 is a fun, engrossing little stick figure game that allows you to take control of every aspect of the game and make it as easy or as challenging as you want it to be.

Free Rider 2 allows you to choose from three different fun themes, Hills, City and Clouds, and you can create your track on whatever background you like the most. You can also choose to build your track with no background if you don't like any of the options provided. You can also choose from seven different vehicles, BMX, truck, unicycle, helicopter, mountain bike, hot air balloon, or a mystery vehicle that is basically a bouncy box, for your stick figure to use to run the track you create. If you are looking for a real challenge, you have to try the unicycle. It is nearly impossible to keep that little guy on one wheel if you have created anything other than a completely flat course and even then, it can be pretty difficult. The helicopter is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, but in the beginning it can be difficult as well. If you have played mountain bike or BMX games before, you probably won't have much trouble keeping these bikes under control if you stick to a basic track. Remember though, mountain bikes aren't BMX bikes so they won't handle tricks as well as a BMX bikes would. BMX bikes are harder to control over all but they are the best for performing tricks for a higher score. The truck is great but flips over extremely easily off ramps.

Free Rider 2 makes building a track to the difficulty you want easy. Keep the type of vehicle you will be driving in mind when you build your track so you won't make completing the course impossible while still making it challenging. Steep hills are great challenges for helicopters and hot air balloons, but might be impossible for other vehicles to tackle. You might find yourself halfway up the hill only to tumble back down and crash. You can use powerups to make your course more challenging or to give yourself a little help getting over difficult challenges. Play around with the powerups and see which ones offer the most benefit. You can set goals wherever you want them in a game. Set a goal at the end of a particularly difficult stretch of track to give yourself something to work toward. You can also add your own scenery in the background which is a fun addition to the game.

Overall, Free Rider 2 is a fun, unique stick figure game that puts you in control. The graphics are fun and the game is as easy or challenging as you want it to be. With this game, half of the fun is creating your own personalized track which is what makes this game such an appealing choice.