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God's Playing Field Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Unleash wrath with the left mouse button.

God's Playing Field Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to unleash the wrath of God? Well with God's Playing Field that is exactly what you get to do. It's a pretty basic game. You goal is to take out as many 'enemies' as you can to earn more money to buy new methods to use to smite your enemies. You start off with nothing other than the hand of God which you can use to crush your enemies. Simply aim, click and smush. As you earn more money you can buy all sort of fun weapons; the spinning scythe, the lightening strike, the poison cloud, the pillar of fire, the bowling ball drop, the piano drop, the tidal wave and finally the nuke. Don't use the nuke until you're ready to end your game though. That one's the last and most expensive weapon on the list and it's also what you need to use to beat the game. Make sure you watch the end clip. It's a lot of fun.

Once you beat God's Playing Field, you get to play in freestyle mode. Freestyle mode allows you to do all manner of fun things. You start out with all of your weapons unlocked and with six new backdrops to entertain yourself with. You also get access to 'secrets'. 'Secrets' are basically your cheat codes that allow you to do all sorts of interesting things with the game. Type your secret code into the 'Enter Secret' box at the bottom of the game screen then hit the check mark. You need a certain number of casualties to unlock each secret. You can find a full list of the secrets by clicking the 'S' box at the top left hand corner of the freestyle screen. You can use secrets to give yourself a screen full of stick figures to smite, to make your enemies move faster or slower, to get yourself into freestyle mode without beating the game first and to give yourself $1,000,000 even though you won't need it for anything in freestyle mode. You can also unlock a message from the author of the game that's fun and worth reading.

Overall, God's Playing Field is a pretty pointless game. It doesn't really have any grand purpose, but with that said, it's exceptionally fun and surprisingly addictive. You do have a goal to work toward and if you spend a little time playing, you will achieve it. The game is really worth playing for the story alone. If you're looking to take out a bunch of stick figures and miscellaneous animated beings for no particular reason, this is definitely the game for you.