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Hanger Instructions

Swing left using the left arrow key. Swing right using the right arrow key. Climb up using the up arrow key. Climb down using the down arrow key. Drop from the rope by pressing 'space'. Catch yourself on another rope by pressing 'space'.

Hanger Walkthrough

Hanger is one of the simplest yet most unique stick figure game online; challenging you to use your brain to time your moves well as you attempt to get your stick figure from the beginning to the exit in one piece. You need to try to use as few ropes as possible if you want to get a decent score, but in many of the more difficult levels, getting a high score will be the least of your concerns. Instead, you are just going to worry about figuring out how you'll meet the challenge the level presents without losing any limbs in the process. That isn't always an easy goal to accomplish, but that's what makes this game so much fun. It will put you to the test and challenge you to make all the right moves at the right times or risk losing the level - or at the very least, losing a body part. The is a stick figure game unlike any of the other stick figure games online which is clearly appealing. In a genre when your usual goal is to make your stick figure shoot other stick figures, this is a welcome change. Stick game enthusiasts are going to love the change in format and the fact that, for one, they are truly challenged to do something different.

The basic premise of Hanger is pretty easy to understand; easier than with most stick games online. You're some sort of daredevil stick figure out for a little swing. In this particular case, 'a little swing' involves swinging from rope to rope to try to get to the exit. What makes this game the most difficult is that you have sort of Spiderman powers except instead of shooting webs you're shooting rope. You decide when you drop from the rope and you also decide when the next rope drops. You decide how fast you swing on the bottom of the rope before you let go and also how wide your swing is. You control everything about this game other than the environment you're in and how far away the exit line is. If you let go of the rope, you'll need to attach another rope to another surface in the environment before you fall off the screen or crash into another obstacle. If you fail to attach a rope to another surface, you will lose the level. Crashing into an obstacle does not necessarily mean you'll die though. It really just depends on whether you've managed to get a rope attached and how hard you hit the obstacle. If you barely hit the obstacle, you might not take any damage at all. If you hit it a little too hard, you may only lose a limb or two which will hurt your score in the end but won't actually kill it. Hit it hard enough though and you will die. That's obviously something you want to avoid. It can be done and as you play the game, you'll get much better at learning how to do that.

The best way to do well in Hanger is to use all of the controls you have at your disposal to your advantage. Planning is important in this game as is paying attention to the environment and the obstacles around you. If you misjudge your timing, you'll lose. Pay attention to where the next surface is. If you can't see the next surface from your position, aim wide. Get as much distance as you can when you let go of the rope. This should allow you to reach the next surface with little trouble. Just make sure you're ready to attach your next rope quickly. If you're too slow you could miss your window of opportunity. You can also use planning and control to avoid losing limbs. Because you are able to climb up and down the rope, you can dodge obstacles if you're paying attention. Watch for how you are swinging at the end of your rope. You can get a pretty good idea of whether or not you're going to hit an obstacle before you even get close to it if you watch where you're going. If you think you're going to run into an obstacle other than the surface you're attached to, climb up the rope until you feel you have enough room to swing past the obstacle. Things are a bit more difficult if you're scared you're going to hit the surface you're attached to. Depending on where you are on the surface and other obstacles, climbing down the rope will generally help you avoid losing a limb, but sometimes, you'll have to either let go and reattach in another position or sacrifice a limb. It's fairly difficult to hit the surface you're attached to hard enough to kill you, but it can happen. Usually, though, you'll just lose a leg or two.

Overall, Hanger is an excellent stick game that will keep you on your toes from the very beginning to the very end. Newcomers and more experienced players in the stick game genre will start out on fairly even footing in this game. The controls are extremely easy to understand and use. There is absolutely nothing complicated about this game. That is perhaps why it's so surprising to learn this one is as addictive as it is. This game proves you don't need the upgrades, fancy graphics and complicated premises most other stick games rely on to be entertaining. Although it can be difficult to get the hang of the game, the more you play the better you'll understand how the game is played. At the same time, each level gets more difficult so even though you get used to the controls, things continue to get more challenging so the game never feels boring or dull. This is one of the best stick games online and is one that should be missed whether you consider yourself a fan of the genre or not. Give it a shot. You won't regret it.