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Hold The Line Instructions

Just like in most flash games, the controls of Hold The Line is pretty simple - W, A, D, S buttons for moving your character up, right, down, and left. Use your mouse for moving your scope and left click button for firing against those stick targets. In case you need to answer a phone call or device a quick strategy when those cows, gun men, and everyone else are swarming against you, just press P to pause the game. And last BUT not the least, B for berserk mode. Once you have more than one weapon, just use the numbers button to switch to a stronger and more powerful killer device.

Hold The Line Walkthrough

In Hold The Line, you will be fighting behind a barricade of sandbags. They will come at you - stickmen with knives, stickmen with AK 47 (which makes me wonder why they don't fire right away at you and tried to break down the barricade instead), cows (YES, cows can be trained to kill!), and a whole lot more.

At first, you will be using an ordinary rifle. As much as possible, aim for the head of the enemy as it deals tripe damage. As far as I can remember, gunmen and ordinary stick enemies die within 3 shots to the head. The killer cows and other enemies take more. Mind you, that red bar on the top left can be easily filled when you fire relentlessly and non stop. And when it does, you need to wait a while for it to cool down so you can fire away.

Make every shot count! Aim for the head and take down your enemy as fast as possible. That's the name of the game. Also, your berserk mode should be used only during those dire situations that multiple enemies are munching on your sandbag barricade. You can only use it once a day.

After every level in Hold The Line, you can buy stuff, refresh your health, and buy more sandbags. Be careful about your item choices. As for me, during Days 1-3 I only repair my damaged barricade and save up for stronger and more destructive weapons. The Nail Gun is the most logical choice early in the game as it does right about the same damage as with the rifle BUT with way less cool down.

The automatic sniper, on the other hand, is perfect for taking those cows down in a shot. And It's automatic! The only downside is that it fills the red cool down bar really fast so better make sure that every shot hits the head.

Action packed, requires strategy, and exciting - this is Hold The Line. Give it a shot now and see what I'm talking about.