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Johnny Rocket Fingers Instructions

Select choice from options shown using the mouse and the left mouse button. Search for items, pick up items and use items using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Johnny Rocket Fingers Walkthrough

What is a 'sup guy'? More to the point, what is 'suppish'? Learn the answer to these pressing questions with Johnny Rocket Fingers, an entertaining stick game that puts you in the title role as one of the most suppish guys the stick game genre has ever seen. When you first begin the game, you are told that Johnny is at a bar. Not a big surprise for someone as suppish as he is. Things take a turn for the worse though when some crazy woman bursts into the bar and informs you a local gang of thugs has kidnapped her child. She needs your help and she's willing to pay for it. You have several options to choose from - teach her a lesson for interrupting your smoke, accept the money because, well, who couldn't use a little extra money, get her out of your face or go to sleep. What does this teach us? Apparently, 'suppish' means jerk. Regardless, there is only one right choice here. That choice shouldn't really be that hard to figure out considering your options, but that isn't always the case in this unique, if not slightly politically incorrect, interactive stick figure game. Use your brain to figure out the right answers. Choose wrong and it just might get you killed.

Johnny Rocket Fingers is one of the few stick figure games online targeted almost exclusively to adults. The dialogue is often amusing but contains more than a little bit of profanity. If cuss words offend you - or really if you're easily offended at all - this isn't the game for you. You need to have a sense of humor with this one. It's not meant to be taken seriously. This isn't a game that will challenge your intellect or keep you on the edge of your seat for level after level of nail biting action. This one merely appears to have been designed to be a fun and entertaining way to kill a little time. Once you reach the end of the game - which really shouldn't take longer than a few minutes even for beginners - go back and play again. Make the wrong choices and see what happens. The dialogue in the game is often crude or offensive, but it's almost always witty. Making the wrong choices is bound to get you killed a time or two, but that's okay. You can just start again from where you left off and try again. It's pretty much certain you're going to make a wrong choice or two your first time through. For example, when confronted with a bigger than normal thug, your natural first thought will be to try to take him out with the crowbar. You need to be a little more creative here. That's all I'll say, but no, the crowbar doesn't work.

Johnny Rocket Fingers is really a fairly simple stick figure game. You just need to collect items and figure out how you need to use them. Hover your mouse over an item to see if it's clickable (your cursor will turn to a hand icon) and if it is, click it. Sometimes you'll be able to collect the item. Other times, on screen messages will tell you something about that item and how it can or cannot be used. It's all fairly basic although at the end of the game, if you've done everything right, you should be locked in a cell and tied to a chair. Figuring out how to get out of the cell can take a little while, but even a newcomer to this kind of stick figure game should be able to figure it out. It might take a little looking around and a little trial and error, but stick with it. You'll get it. Remember, every clickable object can be found by simply hovering over it with your mouse. Look for anything on the screen that looks like it may possibly be clickable and try it out. Read what Johnny says about the objects. There are a few red herrings that you'll have to deal with, but the best tip I can offer here without giving it away is to not waste your time on one particular clue that you just can't seem to get. The obvious answer is not always the right answer and in this game, that's almost always the case. That is a theme throughout the entire game and that isn't any less true in the final scene.

Overall, Johnny Rocket Fingers isn't going to push you to your intellectual limits and put your logic and reasoning skills to the test. In reality, this is just a fun little stick figure game that is entertaining because there is really little logic involved. The obvious answer is seldom the right answer so your real challenge here is to be creative. You'll find items that don't seem to have any baring on the game at all but will actually need to be used to help you get to the end. The best example of this is the doll you find. You may wonder what on earth a doll has to do with the task at hand, but moments later, the use becomes apparent. Think outside the box in this one. It isn't going to keep you on the edge of your seat but it is going to keep you entertaining. You're going to want to go back through after you play the first time just to take other options and read the dialogue that comes along with those options. Usually it involves dying, but hey - that's the price of being supish. Will Johnny be able to reunite the kidnapped daughter with her mother? Do you think that matters to Johnny? play the game and find out. Just remember - this one is definitely mature audiences only.