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Level Editor 2 Instructions

Level Editor 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the WASD keys (or arrow keys) to move. Use the mouse to select and place items. The R key is used to reset the current level.

Level Editor 2 Walkthrough

Level Editor 2 is the sequel to the stickman game, Level Editor: The Game (also known simply as Level Editor). This platform game features new block types, thirty-five new levels, and eight achievements!

Like its predecessor, the objective of Level Editor 2 is to get the stickman in front of the door on each level before time runs out. While the first Level Editor started out with super-easy levels, Level Editor 2 ramps the difficulty up much quicker. Your progress is still saved at the end of each level, so you can continue your game if you need to take a break. Unlike the first Level Editor, Level Editor 2 features multiple languages, so international players can enjoy it. To select a different language, use the pop-up menu in the lower-right corner of the screen on this stickman game's main menu.

Level Editor 2 uses the same control scheme as its predecessor. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move the stick figure. The mouse is used to select objects and place them on the stage. If you need to reset a level, press the R key. Once again, you can euthanize your stickman by pressing the shift key. This function seems unnecessary since the R key is quicker to use if you wish to reset the current level, but it may appeal to more sadistic players.

If you have played the first Level Editor, then Level Editor 2 will be easy to pick up. It has a much steeper difficulty curve compared to its predecessor, however. New items such as bombs have also been added to this stick figure game. Bombs can blow holes in walls as well as defeat enemies. Be careful when placing them, however, because they can harm your character as well!

Another change between this stickman game and its forerunner is the scoring screen. The amount of points earned by time and by collecting coins is not broken down after each level. It is still a good idea to finish quickly in order to earn all possible stars on a level. Collecting coins still provides extra time, but it is an uncertainty whether or not collecting all coins provides a bonus in this platform game.

If you enjoyed Level Editor: The Game and are looking for a further challenge, then give Level Editor 2 a try. If you have not played the first Level Editor, then I advise you to do so since it is far more forgiving than this stickman game!