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The controls of Line Rider isn't complicated (which is somewhat a breathe of fresh air, especially when you compare it to other Stick figure games). For the most part, you only need to use your mouse.For installing those loops, creating those paths, generating ramps, and everything else - your mouse is your best friend in this stick man game/ platformer. Let's take a closer look...

Line Rider Walkthrough

Technically a webtoy (which was released initially at deviant Art), this stick man game Line Rider is strangely compelling and unique. It's of little wonder a bunch of webtoy and stick figure game fans can't stop talking about it during its release.

The objective and idea behind Line Rider is easy to pick: you are given an interface. Using that interface, you need to draw a surface... a surface where that little character on the left can slide on. The surface can be as straightforward and boring as flat. Or you can make it really exciting... turn the whole experience into a hell of a ride by adding ramps, loop de loops, and what have you. Once you are all set, just hit the play button and see your character race through the track you have created.

Now, this is still a work in progress. I'm not sure if Line Rider 2 has already been released or if it's still in the works. HOWEVER, one thing is for sure, this little stick game / webtoy packs a lot of fun! The fact that you can save and load tracks you build certainly didn't hurt it's already-good reputation. By the way, you can locally save the tracks on your computer.

And here's something even sweeter: the author FSK, perhaps realizing how much fun people are having playing this game, created a downloadable version, which means you can play it even if you are offline. What's even better is that it comes with a better frame rate and it's also resizable. The only let down is that since it is in .exe format, it will only run through Windows.

Back to the game, YES, you are right. There's no straightforward or clear cut objective. You just create tracks, test it, tweak it, run your character on it, rinse, and repeat. There are no goals like get these power ups, finish the game or race track in 20 seconds, and such. HOWEVER, a game, for it to be called a game, needs objectives. Here are some that should help...

(1) Install a ramp to slide down without crashing

(2) Create a ramp that comes with a jump and a smooth and crash free landing.

(3) Create a loop de loop

(4) Create a loop de loop, BUT this time, one that runs backwards

Mind you, these are very basic objectives. You can always add some more if you like, and it is highly suggested that you do so. While Line Rider 2 is still in the making (or in Beta, I'm not sure), have fun with this stick man game / webtoy. The second game should be more than worth the wait!