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Maniac Killer Instructions

As for the controls of Maniac Killer, they are surprisingly simple for an action packed flash game. On side scroll mode, press W for jump, D to go forward and A for moving backwards, while S is for ducking those bullets. On the other hand, on first person shooter mode, you just have to move the mouse to move your scope and press left click for blowing the heads of your targets (same thing goes for the side scroll mode) and R for reloading your weapon. Simple yeah? YES indeed. BUT the excitement this game offers is far from simple as you will find out soon.

Maniac Killer Walkthrough

Kill, kill, and kill - that's the objective of the game. BUT mind you fellas, this is far from being simple. You see, enemies are coming for you with everything they have. No, they won't just stand there like dummies waiting for their heads to be blown up.

Machine guns, AK 47, rocket launchers, and everything else in between - your enemies have all of these and they will fire at you at first sight. I told you things won't be easy. HOWEVER, check out your armory and you will realize that you are more than equipped to take out these armed gangsters.

A beretta with infinite ammo, 50 caliber machine gun, AK-47, rocket launcher - all of these weapons and more are to be found in your armory and you can easily switch from one weapon to another in the heat of the battle when the need arises. Another tip: abuse the W or jump button. You see, your enemies fire only in one direction.

So what should you do? Simply dodge them with the jump button and fire from the air.

This really comes handy during the latter parts of every side scroll stage where enemies are coming from both directions - left and right. Dodge, fire, dodge, then fire - do this over and over again (and do so with precision of course) and you will own them.

The first person mode is the true test of your firing accuracy. This is where I had a hard time. Enemies would pop out of nowhere and you need to take them down before they bring your health bar to zero and go back and hide. Speed and accuracy is the name of the game in these stages.

So what to do next? Isn't it obvious? Go and play Maniac Killer now and have truckloads of action packed fun.