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Mr. Vengeance: Act 1 Instructions

If you have played first person shooting / stickman games before, the control scheme of Mr. Vengeance Act 1 should be very familiar to you. The control scheme of this game is very typical for the genre. Being a FPS game, you will use your mouse for the most part: (1) move your mouse to aim for your target... and I would recommend you aim for the vital parts. (2) When you are all set, hit the left click button to shoot. (3) Rinse and repeat until you have killed very enemy in sight. There are different weapons at your disposal in this game. To switch to different firearms, use the 1, 2, 3, and 4 number keys. When you run out of ammunition, reload with R and get on with the rampage. If you find yourself running low on health, hit the space bar to use a health pack. Well, that's about everything you need to know as far as the control scheme goes. Let's have a closer look at Mr. Vengeance Act 1 and why fans of stick figure games find this addictive!

Mr. Vengeance: Act 1 Walkthrough

I don't know about you BUT I really can't see how taking out the family of someone who goes by the name of Mr. Vengeance could end in a positive way. Think about it - with a name like that, he is sure to get ticked off... accessing his weaponry that is built from the ground up for revenge. And more importantly, he will come after you! Apparently, the crime syndicate who is after him have very low levels of precognition... they went on and killed his family anyway. Developed by Russian developer TXGames, Mr. Vengeance Act 1 is a story of a man who is bent on avenging the untimely and gory death of his family. He will roar, he will rampage, and he will NOT stop until he gets that bloody satisfaction out of killing his family's murderers!

Playing the game is as easy as pie. As I have mentioned earlier, the controls of Mr. Vengeance Act 1 are very typical for the genre. The goal is just as easy and straightforward: playing as Mr. Vengeance, your job is to kill... kill everyone who was involved in the murder. If you are someone who's looking to let loose and unleash all of those pent up doses of stress and anger, I couldn't recommend a better game!

While I really Mr. Vengeance Act 1 - it's simple BUT nice looking graphics, the gory and bloody effects, and everything else in between, I won't sugar coat it: the writing of this game is pretty flawed. If you have played Max Payne and if you ran its text through Babelfish a couple of times, you will get the script for Mr. Vengeance. Many parts of the script were lost in translation, resulting to a very hilarious (although it's not meant to be) script. Have you ever "felt unbearable smell of dampness"? Whatever that line means, I'm sure I haven't. Maybe Mr. Vengeance's senses are distorted by his quest for revenge that he can feel what he's supposed to smell? I don't know. Well, Max Payne does owe a lot to John Woo, Death Wish, and Matrix... BUT it's written excellently unlike Mr. Vengeance Act 1.

Aside from that caveat, Mr. Vengeance Act 1 has a distinct coolness to it. The animation coupled with the graphics that are top notch when compared side by side with productions within the stick figure games genre. It showcases a stark 'monochrome plus red color' palette, resulting to an action pop. The range of difficulty that the game offers also deserves a thumbs-up. The health packs and ammunition crates that are scattered all over the levels make the game suitable for shooting / stick figure game noobies like me. The harder replay modes, on the other hand, are for MORE skilled player groups (which I don't think I will ever break into).

One improvement I can come up with is to have different enemy models. That would have surely made the game even better. BUT still, I like how Mr. Vengeance's blood thirsty quest made the targets indistinguishable for him. While this may just be my interpretation and that this wasn't implied or intended by the game's author, I still like it.

Summing things up, Mr. Vengeance Act 1 is NOT a revelation. BUT if you are looking for stick man games that are twitchy, bloody, fun, and bent on vengeance, this is a game you should take a closer look at. That's all it needs to be and all I wanted it to be. PLUS, the 'Act One' implies that there will be an 'Act Two'... and I'm sure fans of the bloody genre can't wait for its release!