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Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 Instructions

Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Point and click to shoot. The R key reloads your weapon. Press the spacebar to use health kits. The number keys are used to switch weapons.

Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 Walkthrough

Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 is the second chapter in the Mr. Vengeance series of adventure games. This stickman game advanced the compelling story introduced in the first Mr. Vengeance and features improved graphics, a larger arsenal, and thirty achievements.

Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 continues from where Act I left off. Your mission is to avenge the murders of your family members. In terms of gameplay, this means moving from room-to-room, shooting enemies as you encounter them. There is a storyline to this stick figure game, but you do not have to read everything if you do not want to. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will not have to complete the game in one session.

The mouse is the primary control device of Mr. Vengeance: Act 2, but there are some keyboard controls as well. Shoot by pointing and clicking with your mouse. You will also have to collect items, open doors, and advance the storyline by using the mouse. Your weapon automatically reloads when empty (assuming that you have ammunition left), but you may also reload it manually by pressing the R key. When you have acquired more weapons, you can switch between them by using the number keys. Finally, the spacebar is used to heal yourself if you have health kits in your inventory.

At its core, Mr. Vengeance: Act 2 is an on-rail shooting game, similar to Time Crisis. The major difference between this stickman game and Time Crisis, however, is the lack of a cover system. Since you cannot hide behind cover to avoid enemy fire, you will have to rely on speed and health kits. Shoot your enemies before they can shoot you and ration your health kits wisely. These tactics are especially important on the hard difficulty level where you take more damage and health kits are sparse.

If you enjoyed Mr. Vengeance: Act I and want to find out what happens next, play Mr. Vengeance: Act 2! You can't go wrong with more visuals, more weapons, and of course, more action!