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My Island RPG Instructions

The controls for this game are pretty easy and straightforward - just use the arrow keys for controlling and walking your character around the map, which is pretty much what you will be doing 90 percent of the time. On those cases where you need to interact - work, study, hold a conversation with someone, pick a fight (YES, picking a fight is a type of interaction!), your mouse especially its left button would be used for cliking and picking options. Controls-wise, you shouldn't have any problem playing My Island RPG.

My Island RPG Walkthrough

So you are bored? Looking for a new game to play? Addicted to video games with a Sims-like playstyle? Yeah? If so, then My Island RPG is yours to play all day. Here's the scenario - you are living in a city located on a small island (and I do mean small!) filled with buildings - hospital, game house, school, and everything else in between.

So what is your goal?

Live the life how a good citizen should. Study and increase your intelligence, grab a job and earn cash every hour, do it over and over again until you become filthy rich. And what does a filthy rich guy do? OWN! Yes, when you are rich enough, you can buy everything in sight and be the king of My Island RPG.

Sounds boring?

No problem! You can always find new stuff to do at My Island RPG. Go for a fist fight BUT be careful! Losing means landing at the hospital and losing a lot of your hard earned cash. Want to live the happy go lucky lifestyle? Go to the Gamehouse where you can play arcade games to earn some dough or you can buy tickets for $10 each and try your luck at getting more than what you paid for by gambling. True enough, this won't make you rich BUT it's fun.

A word of warning: Be careful about going at the edge of the island - that will drown you. Be attentive as well while you are crossing the road, a rushing vehicle could hit you and land your bloody and battered body at the hospital.

Once you have owned My Island RPG with your towering amounts of cash and lifepoints, go and save the game and submit your score at the global high score table. The perfect way to brag about your achievements indeed.

While graphics-wise, this game could use a lot of improvement, the game play, surprises this game has, and the opportunity to show off your eye popping score to millions of other players around the globe will keep you busy for hours!