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N Game Instructions

Press space bar to begin the game, restart a level or to enter new level. Move left with left arrow button. Move right with right arrow button. Jump with shift button.

N Game Walkthrough

N Game is a challenging Ninja based stickman game which finds you seeking gold and trying to maneuver around obstacles to reach the next level. In the game you are a highly skilled, agile Ninja with unstoppable speed and strength. You quick reflexes and above average jumping ability make you a perfect Ninja, but your life span is tragically only fifteen minutes which is exactly how much time you have to navigate through the levels in this fun, frustrating and difficult game.

Avoid the red stars. Quite simply put, they will blow you up. If you want to see a replay of your tragic demise just hit 'r'. This is a particularly good idea if you're not entirely sure where you want wrong and want to find out so you can stop yourself from blowing yourself up next time around. The yellow squares are what you're after in this game. Those little yellow squares represent gold which can give you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Don't forget though, many lives are lost in the pursuit of gold. Any good Ninja knows that gold is good but life is better. They probably have a more poetic way of putting it, but the point to take fromit is simple, don't get yourself blown up going after gold.

The little red bombs aren't all you need to beware of. Falls from an exceptionally high distance will also kill you and as levels progress, there are even more bad guys to worry about - Ninja killing robots that don't want to see you make it out alive. There are also switches you need to click to unlock the door to the next levels. Often the bad guys are found in very close proximity to these switches so exercise caution when making your move. While your lethal Ninja hands may be able to protect you against other mere mortals, they will do little against robots. The white blocks you will encounter along the way aren't very stable to land on but can cushion your fall if you fall from a high distance. You will also need to use these to get to the door to the next level in some of your missions so they are really something you can't avoid. Aim carefully and make sure you stick your landing - no pun intended.

Overall, N Game is a great game that requires patience and a steady hand. It's completely addictive and never stops being challenging. Take a few minutes to read the story before you start playing the game. It'll make you enjoy the game even more.